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Kehshathria Chapter Twenty-Six


                               Monday, MsCarol left extremely early, before wake up even. I found her chore list on the kitchen table, as we shuffled in.  "Alrighty kids,  looks like I have to polish everything again, only I have to leave one flaw in everything I do today.  Whats more is, I am to make sure each of you leave a flaw in your work too." I laughed over my coffee, and toast. 'That will be easy enough' George said seeking a permanent marker while Diana's eyes hardened with defiant incredulousness. " No George." I responded." Leave a Flaw, work around that one flaw." To which his eyes brightened. 
                            " She can't mean in 'everything' we do?  That can be unsanitary, or well how to you flaw something without messing it up, like with cooking? Maybe it means counters, floors and what not.?" Diana offered.   George sipped his coffee slowly, while I stared out the  sun washed  window. Mentally echoing the words 'flawless'.... 'that is impossible as you  know' ....'dipshit ran in front of the car'.... I began to observe George anew... this time I pondered 'how long since I have been that dipshit?'
                          "She told me once that she could find flaws in her own work. Talk about hypercritical." Diana whines.
                          " If that's the case, " George offered " then the answer is, let's just do our work the normal way. And we all hummed apprehensively.  See, with Mistress's work-meditations there were penalties for misinterpretation. Hence the coolness in out foxing her. But this time I was not down with George's answer. 
                         " No offence toward Diana, but come on G.  Do you think that first level thinking is gonna cut it with Mistress Carol?  She's like  A " real master" , " I emphasize with finger quotes. " She'd see that play a mile down the road." and we laughed, Diana laughing slowest.  Silent crunches of deep thinking and sips of contemplation.

                           You cannot possibly imagine how difficult it turns out to leave a flaw.  I polished the silver tea set in the dinning room, tried to leave a spot un done but it kept getting marred up, or buffed up oh I don't know. I set them back on the serving board with the flaws hidden from view.
George Left weeds in one of the plots of the front garden and Diana burnt dinner. 
 After MsC was home, George and I set the table incorrectly, and Diana was feeling brave enough to put a hair in the mashed potatoes.  We thought we dun good enough. MsC's eyes where amused, and she concealed her judgements from us, and we dared not ask.  By TV time we where feeling deflated, obviously we didn't get it right or she would have said something. Oh shit, I rolled my eyes as the television clicked off and Mistress' presence shined.

                     " You have not understood this week's exercise, children. There will not be television this evening.  We will do nothing, put your yarn down, young lady. " They looked at each other.
"What part of everything did you not understand?"    Diana moans "but  Mistress, how do you mess up the food?  I can't like, leave a dirty spot on each fork, or put sugar instead of salt. "
"You can learn to not over-correct.  A flaw, one error or oversight.   Seems you all went quite far in elaborating in schemes.  Jerry, why did you hide the flaws?" She looked at me.
                   "Just because it is flawed , doesn't mean it has to be put out front, Does it, Mistress?"
"Hum, But the exercise is not about that. You don't need to be a smart ass.  We have already had a few lessons about what hiding things does for you. How could you imagine that my lesson for you would be to hide what you are ashamed of?  You will stand in the corner until dismissal." And my stomach dropped as I mutely complied.

                  She let the air hang a heavy blanket a while as George sweated his verdict.  Being last was not always the most pleasant. "Why didn't you leave all the weeds?" 

"I am afraid Reformer that is because I was being ficsious.  Why do we garden? Except to remove flaws. "  He answered and she grinned. "Then you have given me the wrong answer George. You should have taken the day off instead.
"knowing you Reformer that would have still be the wrong answer." 
"Well you can bet it will be the wrong answer tomorrow, George.  Tell me why you told Diana about your career training?"  Diana gasped, and crossed her arms.
"I- ..Reformer, thought that, it would be harmless. What happens in the house stays in the house, right?"  George pandered.  MsC took a slow moment to process, and grin.
                           "I am growing less accepting of your arrogance George.  Bragging and pride are your weakness. You wanted adulation's from Diana to give you charge. But I mean to teach you that your drive must come form a stronger place. You are not reformed George, but you are very close.   And you are at the mere door frame of becoming a Reformer in training, above all else, Special Ops is a secretive thing. Already you want to blow your cover, if you catch my meaning. I mean to teach you that your cover must be deeper. Your reactions and plays far more stable and congruent. But first let us deal with your pride and bragging.  " I could feel George's spirit shrink into the couch as she tore into him another 20 minits concerning the requirements of his career.  She finally began to conclude.
                         "I know I have seemed abusive George, but you must be able to keep your mission thru all ordeals in order to trap the perp. You will have to assume personalities and identities to work your craft and protect the prisoners without giving yourself away at all.  Are you quite certain that you envy this employment?"
                        "I do Reformer."
                        "We will come to see about that shortly." She responded. "My punishment for you is that all your discipline will be public, and you will overcome yourself thru humilities. Since you want to let your buddies in on all the cool stuff, let us begin your training early.  I am sure Diana will love to see it.  You may sit for this evening but tomorrow you will not be allowed to have your head above my knees."
                         " So be it Reformer."

And there passed evening,  and there was silence, it had been Monday.





Monday, July 30, 2012

Keshathria Chapter Twenty Five


                     One the next night I was too excited to stand it.  I rushed everyone during dinner.
"Yeah yeah the flags are so pretty, and oh darn the ground otter saw his shadow I guess it will be another month of war.  Ok ok OK,  Jer we had some good times.  Humm? what Reformer? ...yes I am quite excited this evening, shall we?" And we entered the living room, I stood in the middle of the room.

        " Ok.... so.  She was giving an important demonstration on grooming.  There where about 6 people with their pets there for her instruction.  And Mike and I were detailed with helping the people.  I thought, as she pandered and waxed charming, that it might be interesting if... ah yes...

"She was speaking " It is very important to keep the fur slightly damp and pull the comb through slowly." She reached for her spray bottle. "And..." Skirt, skirt...gasp "what the fuck?" She sucked as purple dye  absorbs into white fur. Her eyes harden, lips tighten and part to speak a word. And as soon as she might have, her eyes darted back  to the dog in  angry disbelief. But they found nothing. No spot, just fur.  Disappearing ink.   She sorta smiled but then saw the crowd, which stared back, stunned by her behaviour. And her eyes became glassy with the lie.

"  That was ....*whew* a tough one, something like hell. "  I stammer, as my mind flashes back to my blooded ass... lets see that disappear.... and my reformer flinching.  I regained my mind after a mere moment. " Anyway, that is neither here nor there, but I sure did enjoy the trick.

" There had been a couple others over the next two months.  I build a false step, about an  half inch lower then the true floor and made a trip trap. Mike and I trained the dogs  how to step  and miss the false step during the  routine but well Some one I know wasn't so trained. And she broke a heel and stumbled and lost , like 20 points.  She could not pin it on us, after all ' we didn't build the track' she hired a contractor.  And believe me;  my little flaw, was done very well it didn't point fingers to anyone. So all to be expected was her usual childishness.

"But my last trick.." I grin deeply as Diana's needle slipped slowly from its loops unnoticed. " I got some knock out drugs, and put Mistress and the dogs to sleep.  Mike and I tened to all their personal requirements but other than that he and I stayed up  three days straight, weaving the dogs furry strands into each their own personal afghan.  Beautiful afghans, mind you....*snickers* prize winning.

"Exhausted, weak, running on adrenalin and fear, we hatched this up. He knew that she would take me first, and if she didn't just kill us out right, he would shave the dogs fur off and send the prizes off to my uncles house. I know he did, yadda yadda ' nuf said.

"So we wake her  up like it was simply the next day.  Greeted her as customary, waited while she dressed, gave our  nearly honest opinions, always in favor of her falsie doubt.  See, it was like she would test us  to see what kind of day she wanted to be in the mood for.   All so far looked like a pleasant one.  Until we came to the stairs, poised ever so cutely where  Kashish, and Kakhisa  with a new hair style. Mind you we did not wake the dogs, that would have been cruel. 

"She flew down the stairs, screaming. Mike and I took the advantage to get ourselves on solid footing before she could throw us down them. She seethed.   She grabbed at her dogs and she cried. She muttered.  She snapped.

"YOU fucking cock sucking little bastered, I am gonna fucking take you to ....." And she flew at me and we where.....  in hell.  She layed forty lashes, I felt barely alive, my feet slipped on the floor, I was held up by my wrists  chained to an over head beam.  She grabbed the back of my head, and stared down in to my face with her power, I could hear the pounding whoosh of my blood in my ears, I kept breathing.  "Now I am quite fucking certan things are going to change now, George.  Aren't they? "  

"My lips parted, my eyes glazed ...  "Mistress my back itches, give me some more."  And she fucking OBEYED me. She gave me five more.  Legal limit is 40.   She grabbed my head again, seeing that I was loosing consciousness, and smiling about her finished vengeance said " what was that George?" I mustered all i had left in me to lock my eyes  on her and smile.

"Mistress, you might want to ask yourself , how many days you have been sleeping."  and as my lights faded the color of her face drained ghost white, the whip feel out of her hand, and she went to the phone.  The last I heard was; "

"Remove this prisoner from my home immediately." 

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Keshathria Chapter Twenty four


     We sat in the living room in an altered mood.  While George was more then willing to continue, the floor was open for random comments and questions instead.  "OH , the soul tearing out part" He whimpered taking a plunge for the best part of the couch.

                      "I don't seem to feel as thrilled with George's story."  I speak. " Diana is musing over the contrast of homes.  And I think of his decent into the macabre.  I mean , He goaded her for lashes. He fawned to her with flattery. He bragged at breakfast  this morning that flattery was one of  her weakest points.

"I had never seen George relish over any mark like this.  Even when we played jokes on Ms.Sam, he did not dive into such an intricate plot.   He was in an abusive reformer's home and he had never been treated badly.  His parents where good, gave him any opportunity they could.   He just had a knack for getting in trouble.  Nothing truly direct, he used his influence and persuasion, his plans, to maneuver himself where he wanted to be.  Street smart, if you will. 

I laughed out loud,  " of course going to MsRagina's would threw him over the edge. It was during our stay at MsSam's that he said to me, 'This is going to be a smooth gig, Jer, this one couldn't whip butter.'  Well she quickly showed George and Me her chamber for um....dusting the house.

"He himself was a manipulator, playing any system he was in.  And it didn't even matter to him if he had a low rank or was in a position of authority. I think he preferred to be the low man he said there where too many conniving bastards like himself  under the top man.  I guess what I wonder first is, well does he like pain?" I ask. " I mean, seriously why did you play her like that?" I asked.

               " Wow Jer didn't think you cared so much.  No, it was not because I  liked being abused. It was because I had this strange sense of  'I had her'. I had had her eating out of my hands.  I provoked the whipping, not her. I said the right thing at the wrong times and ruined her when I wanted to not when it was convenient to her imagination.  It was not pain that drove me, it was power.  That opposing power.  I was disconnected with my body anyway.  All I wanted was to work a way out of that house, and perhaps into a parole all the same.  Knowing that she was my enemy made it easier to focus.  But don't ask me to explain that."  George answered.

      "Well I just don't know George. I think you are crazy." Diana offered.
      " Yeah? Well whats the worst you have ever done?"  George challenged, drawing  our amusement. "You always there, hiding behind  your ...what IS that?" His lip snarled.
      "A sweater" she grunts defensively. " Well at least  I didn't....well I did tell my dad "to give up his pathetic attempts to rule me".  She blushed when George went into hysterics.  "Let's see, how did that turn out for ya D?"

      "Tsk tsk George." MsCarol interjected.  "I have two counts against you right now. Care to play a guessing game?"   George sat back down to think. MsCarol smiled coyly at  me  for a lingering moment then continued speaking toward Diana.  I knew inside myself that some lesson was being orchestrated just for me, so I became habitually mindful. There where bonus points when you could out fox MsC.  George continued sitting, counting to himself, trying to conceal that he had self discovered four possible marks, occasionally he would shake his hands out as if to erase his consciousness, because each time he counted more than two MsCarol would grin in his general direction. "Diana, Really? Pathetic Attempts? What brought that reaction on?" she asked.

Our blush-faced one set her knitting aside to speak. " It's just that he never let me be myself.  He bought all these nice cloths for us, but they where one kind of style. I would just ware my cloths under them and change out on my way to school.   It was like I was always in trouble.  Then I fell in with the youth counter culture, and became a Gia's child." 

" As angry as you have been, I wonder how your really took to all the peace, love and enlightenment stuff." MsCarol said. Diana rolled her eyes slightly then continued.
"Well ok, I didn't get all the flower vibration and visualisation stuff.  But my friends where open minded.  And we had an idea that I liked, I guess because it meant that I didn't have to take crap from my old man.  Before I was arrested, I ran away to  my friends love-camp.  That was the night I told my old man off."

"Why? What was it that set you off?" MsC asked.
"He was preaching at me about how  I had responsibilities  to this family now, and how He had certain details to take care of.  I suppose he was trying to tell me that he needed me to step up, but I just couldn't take it.  I was only 15 for gods sake, Selina was only 11, he not only made me like  a full time babysitter, he expected us to keep the house too.  Mistress, I just didn't want to anymore."

"What do you suppose might happen if you just didn't want to anymore, here? "
"Well, isn't this situation quite different?  With dad I would buck the system, with you well not so much. "
" Not completely correct, Diana.  It is the exact same situation, I have a standard that I expect to be kept.  How pathetic are my rules? "
"Mistress don't turn this into one of  your power trips."
"Diana, everything is my power trip.  I want you to ponder over  your power trip. "  MsC left her to gracefully retreat.  Many times during an evening discussion we where relieved to hear the word "ponder", for it meant that we could stop digging ourselves into  our graves, metaphorically speaking , for a few days or weeks.  It also offered the relief of  reining in our thoughts and emotions and narrowing our self reflective focus.

" How did you two meet?" Diana asked George in deflection. He grinned.
" I went to live with my uncle when I was 13.  Just because, I wanted a change of pace. My uncle was taking me on a drive around, and as we where making a turn, this dip shit come running out into the intersection... on foot. He ran up to our truck, and started dashing all around it. My uncle tried inching forward but  the boy just screamed ' No wait...you'll KILL IT. We thought it was a puppy or something, but this freak boy come from around our rear tires holding a young duck. He said that he saw it run  into a tree and injure itself and ran after it as it started to lose flight control."  We laughed I blushed, Diana shook her head, and Mistress starting to don her deep thought look...

And she relieved us all by clicking on the television. 





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Keshatrhia Chapter Twenty Three


         Everyone expected something, no one wanted to watch tv, no let us watch George rip his soul out and ...oh.....so I get up and face  my peers with trembling and grinning, because boy did I have a good one.

        " Mistress Talmeurn raised champion angora hound dogs., you know, those kind with the very long straight fur.  Pain in the ass to groom, and she was a literal slave driver." I pause...

"Umm.... on tonight's bust up ole life of a snail we have George Edward Wisenburg, ..." pause.... breath.....pathetic plead to the reformer to just let me go on with the highlights, she clears her throat and I begin.

" When we left her basement she was a different person. "Now that that's cleared up, Mike take him to his room,  and get cleaned up. We are going to have alot of fun, but of course there is also work. I am going to teach you how to be hard working and socially presentable.   So that when you go back out in the world no one will be able to say that Ragina turned out some trash.  They'll say my boys are doing very well.  I like to have fun now, don't think I am all about the work. I believe in rewards ..well go to the amusement park, movies, you will get to earn extra privileges."   I noticed my reformer flinch.

"Then she showed us her Dogs, and demonstrated their talents. In my efforts to assess my mistress and be "fun", I made jokes about dogs. I mean all we did was care take and train them. We also had to preform domestic work.  Mike and I developed a code of sorts. You remember Jer?  Private language, well I made one with Mike.   Look there isn't much to dig into, she liked the jokes and even soft jabs at herself when socially appropriate, but god be begged if you slip up and embarrass her.  And it isn't like she didn't go out right to embarrass us.  Everyone knew we where in reform, she even had our uniforms a variation on the dog's costumes., while she always looked welld ressed and colorful.  But yes, we did get pizza when we did a good show, and we got prizes when she was very well pleased.  We where tournament achievers and her career show pieces, if we made it in this world we are ready for the real world. She claimed was doing her level best to give us opportunities....."   I shrugged haplessly.

 " Reformer, it was blinding hell for two months before I did break,  I mean I tried to obey but not matter what I did it was wrong.   This one time, She had us out socialising which often meant that we visited other reformers homes, a "friend" was showing off some home remodeling.  As punishment for burning the dinner the evening before we where denied food that whole day.  And  time was added, for any infraction in the mean time.

 "Her friend noticed that I was woosy, and suggested that my blood sugar was low and I ought to eat a cookie.  Misstress Talmuren's eyes got glassy with the smiling lie, and she put her hand on my chin and judged my health for herself.  She smiled at her friend " Well there was nothing in his file about hypoglycemia, Those doctors really should do a better job inducting prisoners, don't you think?"  " Yes I am sure they do as fine a Job as they can, but your reformee needs a cookie."
And the friend gave it to me. When I finished Mistress T instructed me to pick up the crumb from he floor, saying to clean up immediately was the only way to keep things new and I bowed doing so.  I was taken by a strange unrebellious calm, by that time.

"MsT goaded and flattered her friend to continue the tour, while I carried that crumb until I could spy a waste can. No no DON'T put it in my pocket, don't eat it, don't smear it on the light switch. God be begged, she'll take you to school about decorum. In the Hallway, We spotted a millipede and amusingly all stood shell shocked watching it. MsT said ' George, kill that.' I told her I couldn't have death in a new house. 'Well, go flush it down the toilet then.'  ' No I need,'  I said to everyone ' to take it out side where it will live.'  And I bowed down in disobedience to gather the millipede and release it." I sit  back down. " Pause, and now for a commercial break."

       " I am sorry to hear about that." Jerry remorsed. "MsSam was a genuinely kind person. She let us play and have humor.  We played pranks on each other.  Like this one time, we ordered a dirty magazine for her but gave the address of the old man across the street.  And he hand delivered it.?"
We all laughed, " Oh  Jer;  the Look on her face.. she went beet red and it took her like, two hours to figure out if that was a good joke or an infraction. " I added with relish.  " I mean that one is in response to the one she pulled when she reversed the hot and cold water spikets. She knew something was gonna happen.  But yeah we where over the line.  But at least we knew it Jerry.

 "At least  that, but Ragina was slippery.  I mean,  let me say I was scared of her,  I had to handle her delicately because she did hold my possible early release  over my head. "  Jerry studies me with keenness, knowing that I could not possibly have been broken. And asked me what I meant by that. "I mean that I snapped Jerry, I saw through her with sudden clarity.  But I felt different.

 "It was not about me getting one over on her anymore.  It was no longer about preserving my control thru petty rebellions.  Her treatment of me drove me to preserve myself.  She always told stories of how she drove herself thru the most terrible of situations, and she had to ignore many life altering moments. For example how when her father was dieing of a long sickness, she did not allow that to interfere with an important dog show. And that I was not going to be given  my customary four days  of solitude and mourning.   Because she knew the importance of  her responsibilities."  I noticed my reformer flinch again, and continued.
" And then all she did was work us, display us and beat us.  I saw her deeper motivations.  She always had to win, and she always had to look good.  She always had to have face and grace. It was all a show to her. Her real self was ruthless, and manipulating, crude and classless. 

"She took pleasure in intimidation. For example; most of the time Mike and I worked alone. Most of the time she was too busy to bother with us or her dogs. She come in and we would casually banter about ideas for the show. What tricks to coordinate for the talent act.  Here was where we where allowed to be fun, except for when her visit was a silent reinforcment of her presence and domination.  And I was suddenly bored with trying to avoid her lash and started to use my own." I grinned and my reformer's eyes twinkled, and I continued.

" Oh yes, those examples.... Clip show."  We share a moment of laughter.  " IF we started getting stressed out or like we wanted to say something back to her it went like this she was evilly more than happy to let us try to talk to her.  One on occasion she had been working very hard getting a show ready, She was over excited about it she was going on constantly about how well we where going to do. She had a chance to get  publicity, a magazine had offered a photo session and a story. But we where exhausted, and alittle grumpy and sleepy the morning of the show. She greeted us at breakfast  at first bubbly Miss Ragina, we tried to smile, but she asked us if we are starting to take her kindness for weakness again. and said " Look I want you to be excited this is an important opportunity. You never know who is going to be there, and who will remember you and you might just make a contact for work after you get out of reform.  I am trying to prepare you for getting back in the real world.  And Look at you two! I am disappointed already. "

 Mike was starting to shake, and he said " No Mistress, it isn't like that.  I want to do this show, I think your doing a great thing for us , but I just got to bed late is all, but we are ready , I won't let you down today.  Just you come in here and make us nervous about it, like and we aren't even there yet. We need to go on the same page Mistress."

    She became all glassy eyed with the sternness and dramatically closed  the door, sitting down and demanding, "So you have a problem with me?"  Staring hard at me.  I said "No Iam not the one, I am supporting Mike. I didn't want to bring anything up, but it is just that we are so concerned with putting on a good show Mistress Ragina."

 She looked hard at Mike. and he continued , telling her that we didn't let her down just because we where sleepy or grumpy just that we where tired from get it all ready.  He assured her begglingly, that by the time of the show we would be  just right. I jeered, "Yes Mistress wait for the result"   She locked her eyes on me again, standing. "Look, I don't need to carry anyone along that doesn't want to be there. If you really don't feel like it then you can stay and I will go myself and you will both be sorry.  " And I Stared blankly at her, and suppressed my grin. " No one said they didn't want to go Mistress, besides we put alittle something in the act as a surprise for your  birthday.  It  will be so cute. " And Mike chimed in with talking up the fun, and Ragina started to relax, assured within herself that she was indeed in control. " I noticed my reformer chuckle, and She spoke.

" George, fascinating.  But I think we need intermission, it is getting late. "  And she dismissed us to bed.



Monday, July 23, 2012

Kehshathria New Chapter Twenty-Two



          During breakfast today, Saturday, I asked the Mistress "I thought that all reform masters where the same, but George makes that reformer look different.  Like you aren't insecure, you don't punish us to control us, don't all reformers go by those rules?"

"There are many levels to this profession. " She started to explain. " What a good question, Diana.  No not every Reformer is of the same stature, and as you noted there are differing classes. A Reformer and a Reform Master.  Reformers are trained to deal with common applications of discipline and authority, suited to the psychology they are most fluent in. For example, Mistress Talmuern Is only suited to deal with child psychology.  Well she was at the time, am sure that George is cooking up another installment for us, humm?"

"But still, Reformer, Ms.T had to have been trained in the same studies. What about that verse I read the other night, something about self reflection is needed in choosing student reformers."

"George, take a look at the copyright year on the book. You will find it's ideas a little dated.  The old ways where filtered down and compartmentalised to compensate population growth. We needed specialised reformers, there are different grades of skill, most are trained to handle specific kinds of discipline.  Unfortunately a few are not even reformed themselves, and it is a shame what our profession has deteriorated to."

"Reformer, why do you seem a little bit more than professional in your interest of my destroying MsT?"

"I like to study how people operate.  I enjoy their moments of clarity, when they understand. When their shield drops.  Almost like you , George, enjoy when they realise you have taken them as they are."

"Wait I am just a run away... I technically would n't be bad enough to be sent to a Reform Master, so why am I here?"  I protested.

"Makes you wonder doesn't it?  See, someone like me belongs here. " George quickly bit his lip, "Dang nab it." And we all agreed he belonged here alright.

"Diana, the best I can figure is that Your father has heared of me by reputation. And pulled some strings to make sure you had the best opportunity to grow.  I agree, there isn't anything wrong with you, not to be sent to me. In all honesty.  But I enjoy your company all the same.  What would I have been like if I had to eat Jerry's cooking for two years?"

"Oh so I'd still get stuck with the landscaping?....Oh great." George said and then we started  clean up, and Mistress and  I went grocery shopping.

During the drive I was lost in thought, Mistress had music blaring, good music too. Not bad taste for a leather head. 

  About a month after mom died, my dad restructured our lifestyle. We had chores and schedules, and rules. He started with the yes sir no sir stuff. And worse of all he said we had to dress like ladys now. 

Holy shit, mom let us pick our own style, mom listened to us , now it was Sargent dad.  O sorry, officer dad a few months later, and all that crap was political. He had to make a point being a single father of two daughters.   I could not stand it.  But I was afraid of him, and I love him. I have seen him save lives.

I have, once in a restaurant someone was choking and he didn't miss a beat with the gastric expulsion method. "Always be prepared for emergencies, and always stay calm, you can always panic later." he always said. *rolling my eyes*  He's so corny oh my god!

'Oh...err  clean up your plates ladies, or imps will come after the scraps and build a colony under you bed.'  Oh that one used to scare the shit outta me.  But then ok  yeah yeah the imps, good night dad.  

 I am staring out the window, watching trees and houses and signs pass by the air is cool and i feel good today.  "Mistress, I've seen his back. He is covered with them.  "

"Yes. He has come near to death a few times." 
"Why does a person take so much?"
"Sometimes they are not given a choice, and sometimes it is because they have chosen.  George carries both kinds of scars. "
"What kind of scars are yours Mistress?" And she raised the front of her shirt for me to see the five scars. "These are because I chose incorrectly."
"And you have given scars, too."
"Only when necessary, Diana."
"Have you ever reformed anyone without touching them at all?.. Mistress.  " I accused politely.
"Yes, Juliean Gyn  She was 24 years old and a self-hating alchololic, who's crime was unintentional vehicular manslaughter. Her victim was a 16 year old boy on a motor cycle." The story of it is heart breaking, Diana, and not appropriate at this time. But Juliean came to my door frame argumentative. I had to silence her,  so I threw her file at her. And , still  remaining seated, I said "You may not move from that spot until you make the right decision. You may speak freely to me, have your say, but I will not respond to you Until you make the right decision. But I do assure you that if you move out of place before you make the correct decision, there will be an instant chamber visit.

"When you are finished speaking, you will have my rules and we will work out getting along better here in the living room. "...... And from that point  until she was reformed, her only punishment from me was to stand, naturally where ever I wished to stand her at that moment."

You never talked with her either? I find that hard to believe." I said, She rolled her eyes. " No I talked with her sometimes...details are private, none of your business. What are you wanting to be a reformer  now, Diana?

"Oh. no... I don't think so, just playing with the idea, I mean.....George...like a super reformer spy guy?"
"Hummm, I don't believe he was permitted to mention anything. Thank you Diana."
" Aw , dang it..No please, don't say anything ...man Mistress, your too tough."

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 Keshathria  New Chapter Twenty-One


        There was nothing on television tonight. Reformer said that she thought tonight was a good one for telling horror stories. " George , favor us with one of yours, please." she said.
 Diana  twitched her nose at me and challenged me to pick a good one, she'd let me know what she thought of it.
       I just sat a while grinning, trying to come up with something. Jerry mentioned " How about when we "overcharged" Mr Gerrald, but you managed a thank you and a tip after we described the fine work you didn't do. "   I felt my stomach drop.  "No I don't think that's a good one Jer, not fit for Reformer's delicate ears." 

"No and I said horror story. Something preferably related to current affairs." The Reformer smirked. 

"OH ok...current affairs. Care to elaborate...." She noticed my careless slip, and grinned before issuing her challenge. " I want to know how did you destroy Mistress Ragena Talmuren?"
My breath caught in my throat. I wanted to feel pride but it was clearly misplaced.
"That is too hard for me, Reformer."  " I am not giving you much of an option, George. But you may get to chose where you will be doing your talking." I sat tight for a long time.

Diana tried to lighten the air. " aw come on I mean, that's what all this reform stuff is about... working out our garbage right, Mistress?"  "Yeah but, this....... I don't know what to feel about this." I complain pensively.  The reformer touches my shoulder and sits next to me softly.
"I will not judge you for the things you felt, or even if you admire what you have done. But I need you to be able to face yourself, and learn from the paths you have taken." "But, reformer, in front of every one? Not even Jerry knows about my adventures after they separated us."
Reformer looks over to him and asks him to tell the  story of what he knows about That time.

                                  *** Jerry***

                     " George was one pissed off freak, is all I know. When he came thru master Rob's door he was spitting nails.  Sir, introduced himself and George made a gesture ummm.....let's just keep it at that.  Sir dropped him to the floor, and didn't let him get up until 100 push ups where done.  The introduction lasted 7 hours." I began.

"Oh my gawd George.......what where you trying to do?" Diana shrieked.  George bobbed his head and made  a kissy face..."just letting them know who's really in charge. I know you think I gave up but the poor man had enough punishment and needed sleep as badly as I did so I let him off the hook."   She threw a pillow at him, and they started laughing.

"Letting them off the hook is an interesting approach." MsC remarked. "But, if you will, tell us why you resisted?"  George perked up some, and sat forward.

"I dont like plastic formalities.  And every reformer has the same shtick.  Blah blah i am the boss, blah blah here's what you got to do. blah blah whip, blah blah no freedom....." He  started to pace now, trying to get his thougths straight, the living room is a place for infirmities but not tooo much liberty.  He grinned catching his composure. "Now of course I don't mean you reformer."

"Anyway, most of the reformers I have met carry their title, and nothing more.  And yes, like Ms Ragina. That sticky authority/ respect thing irritates  me to no end. "  George noticed MsC hum.

"Present company ....shhhh....If I may continue. "  And he paused, relaxing as MsC returned to her chair.  " Mistress Ragina was the first home that I was sent to after Mistress Samantha had died.  She had another reformee who had been with her one week, when I arrived. " His eyes bore into the rug. "She smiled at me, and shook my hand.  And when she did  I looked into her eyes, a reformee doesn't shake hands, I said.  She told me about herself.  She said, that she had a vision and that we where going excel in her reform.  She had certin demands, for example we where not allowed to ware our shoes in the  house, but if we where running back from the car to retrieve something she forgot, then it was ok to leave the shoes on. 

Sometimes, the rules applied, and sometimes they didn't. And she asked us about our opinions of her.  Once she came down stairs in an orange jump suit and asked if it clashed with .....oh..reality for that matter. You get my point? This woman was ambitious, and I got on the bad side of her. 

" George, I think present company wants a story not a case-study .  Don't be afraid, relax and tell us the story, make like it was a 'lives and times'. "  MsC coached.  George protested his embarrassment to relive the events, because he realises that because of these things he is incarcerated still.   He felt weird telling them to her anyway. Who in their right mind would tell a Reformer what really happened? 
"Only those who want their freedom, Jerry"
"Mistress, please. This is my thought space.  I mean, I think George has come a long way.  In the first week of being at Sir's house he started taking pride in himself."
"Pride was never His problem. George what did Master Robert have that made you act right?"
"Well reformer. He didn't back down, and he ...  He kept his word.  Naw,  Alot was better because I was with Jer. and we could talk about Sam. "

"When I had gotten to Mistress Ragina's home, Sam's death was still fresh.  The authorities had held us in temporary custody until other reformers could be produced." he continued.

" She expressed concern about my loyalty to Samantha, but assured me that she  complete the work Sam had started.  I was politely irritated and asked her for some mourning time, but she insisted that I had to put in behind me now.  Now was the beginning of a new day."....He paused. 

"Reformer,  this is very difficult.  I cant relive it ...why should I?" 
"So that you might be in touch with your mind."
"Reformer, all I have is anger toward her, how can I relive when I was deceived?"
"It was so easy to tell your stories when you where the ultimate victor.  And here though victorious in your "work", you are not having an easy time. Think back, tell me the words, and why they where spoken. "
"Reformer, I need more time." George said slowly as he reflected on his past.  Diana sat wide eyed with fear,  wondering " Holy cow, dude! what did you do? Did you ...are you a... did you kill her?"
"I may as well have. When she call the authorities to remove me from her home, she was finished as a reformer." 
"George, You didn't know she still has her licence?"
"What? I don't think she deserves her licence, Reformer.  Ok;  OK...listen. " And George stood back up and gave us more of his story.

"I am Mistress Talmuren. I can be easy to get along with, as long as you remember to not think my kindness is weakness.  In public you will address me as Mistress Talmuren but at home you can be less formal and Miss Ragina will be ok." She paused letting me soak in her words.  Miss Sam, was my friend, and a good reformer, but who the fuck is this lady? 
"Yes Miss Ragina.  "  And then  she continued, while showing me through her house.  "I've been reforming for 3 years now, and I have found that it is better to approach a prisoner in an open fashion." 
"You must have reformed only minor crimes,  or children." I jeered.
"Just watch yourself, I don't like to pull the Mistress card, and I shouldn't halt to, if you had some class you might know how to behave. So now I am gonna take you to school."  And she gripped my collar bone and dragged me to her chamber for a power session." He laughed to himself.  I stared blankly at his arrogant disassociation and started laughing too.

"Your sick George.  How did you take it?"  I asked, he shrugged. "Just ....well.  About the fifth lash I realised that she was offended by me. She preached to me. "As long as your in my house, you will treat me with respect.. don't think that I cant handle you just cause you and Mike are my oldest.  I mean look at you.  Your here for stealing a car." 

"No, Miss Ragina, I am here because they did not parole me. I have a flawless record at Mistress Samantha's home." she laughed at me then gave me five more lashes. "Just see to it that your record is flawless here too. And she dismissed me."  And he sat back down. 

We where dismissed, but the story would  be continued eventually.

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Dear potential reader,

          I have decided to  make inserts into many previous chapters.  I will be editing them in as I am so inspired and this blog post is to become a running tally of their addresses for any reader who just wants to cut to the chase and not re-read the whole damn thing.

      Personal update, I am in school finally, still working, and fairly happy. 

List of  insertations:

      chapter 14 (a)  : toward the middle-end of the chapter.
                      * Jerry and George share a joint in his car.*