Thursday, April 2, 2009

Solveing World Problems (SWP)

This is From my compilation book "Zen Master's Joke Book." Which is not for sale anywhere and available in a nice decorative case under the dust in my room. Originally called "Essay 10" this was written circa spring 1999.

For some expansion thoughts refer yourself to blog titled "problems". There are no solutions, only appeals concerning why we need them. And i did not even mention global warming ( ahem- my latest short lived obsession)

Without further adu but surely some after adu, presenting .....

Solving World Problems ( essay 10)

World Hunger? Were it not for our greed we would stop throwing away billions of dollars of food daily and start feeding our neighbor. It is a simple solution. Feed Them! Just like someone once said " let's give jobs to the jobless building homes for the homeless, on the million golf courses of the rich."

National Debt? Small potatoes. If each multi-million and multi-billionaire would give one billion, or one million or even some incremental fraction of which their lifestyles would never miss, we would have no national debt. In fact if each of us gave a donation according to our ability, well we could sure get that thing under wraps. Of course there are the evils of the government itself and greed... But we are under the delusion that we gave up greed to save the fucking world.

Eventually, with tithes of all sorts to it, the debt would be paid off, diplomatic peace would ensue, and economy would improve. Heck better still why don't we forgive the money debt like we wish god would have done?

In fact with a little less greed maybe our economy could level out to 1950's prices, and our pay checks still be what they are. Imagine a new car costing only 3000 dollars. Your mortgage payments 150 dollars for an 80,ooo home.

With no petty or obsessive greed, we can all have the best of the good life. But that is not here and now. The Fact is, based on the premise that a fat cat with an extra million hanging around, or a couple of them, can save America and the World would be better off emotionally, and the cat fats get the popular vote while they are at it.

If hospitals and Insurance's where really about healing the sick instead of premiums and pay offs, perhaps the insurances would not have to exist, and the cure for aids can surface on the mainstream.

Global Warming simple.... Stop cutting down the rain forests .. duuuhhhhh( post edit at the time i wrote this i had No fargin Idea how bad global warming is i was a media brainwashed uneducated idiot still)

Stop seeking more more more and start being content and enjoy what you already have. It will soon all be lost anyway, by your eventual and irrevocable personal DEATH. What is a "talking computer" against a poverty stricken depressed, fearful, hopeless, violent society, that could not even purchase the thing? The more we tighten our greedy grip, the more precious life and liberty slip away. The more we find ourselves wondering what is it all about, really?

We have more than enough in our lives for convenience. What god does it serve to take our jobs ways and make us lazy, dependant and incapable of survival without convenience technologies? If we saved the money we spend on building the better mouse trap and leak proof breast implants, we certainly would be the richer for it.

Maybe not in money, but more importantly in the soul. We could even learn to build out bodies into fine instruments, grow our food in a pure clean giving earth, and be happy with who we are.

Vanity , greed, Possession and the absolute reliance on the convenient, rule our world. WHO's slaves are we?

here is a hint....

We willingly fell into the trap of technology, and human sin. And the really sad fact is that we can change this in a moment. If we where not too afraid to get off out fat assess.

Another way to say it is...

Let's live our religions for a change, and give and learn and understand. Without seeking for a return and therefore we can be blessed with true lasting peace.

~ fin ~

Well, a few things have changed for me in a decade. I have kinda accepted greed as a human thing we aren't about to give up anytime soon.

But i wanted to put that up because i had some solving world problems ideas......

well OK ONE.....

Look man we got to stop with the fossil fuels... but i was thinking couldn't we replenish the supply for a Farther off generation?

If we could find a deep cavern, or some places we could land fill with our dead, our trash, our lawn clippings, or a place to pump fresh turkey-made diesel product , into deep earth storage....... well would that have any useful goodness in it?

And well i still got nothing on global warming, just a better education about all the crap i could not even begin to solve with my measly essay.

Anyway this blog is open ended for me, in case i get anymore ideas....remember that the only stupid question is the one you don't try to ask.

See ya Around.

Hi post script.......

OK i looked about concerning Global warming, and frankly it is too large for little ole me to obsess about. But i found a series of arguements that suggest that the price for doing nothing far outweigh the price of doing something to end our c02 use.

Some people tell me if yellowstone blows all the protclastic crap would put more into the atmosphere than our cars..... some people tell me that during the age of the volcanos as much co2 was put in the air as we have now. People will make any excuess but to me they wont see how our last 200 years kinda pushed the barre on c02's.

Of course had i been back there in the begining of the industrial age, i might have argued then that we need to produce other means of energy. But then again i was not there......

Here is my link to about 6 hours of engauging and entertaining geekly argument for action.

The Manpollo Project....