Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A bunch of incredulous, harmless, and random thoughts

Lets play "What if"

What if there is a "judgement". It does not necessarily have to mean there is a god to do it either. Humanity has many choices for their Confessor. But the one they avoid most is themselves. So, perhaps from time to time a reality needs to go thru times of self consideration, judgment, and self evaluation. Indeed our lives do. We experience periods of rethinking ourselves personally. The result of theses are certain seemingly irrevocable life decisions.

Could a Race likewise do the same? Well it would certainly be the road less traveled.

If i could just snap my fingers and pretend the world that would be nice....

well i can do that. But if by pretending i could make it so.... except in my fantasy there must be common unity. One cant even merely pretend it alone, it has to be wanted. A shared fantasy.

See i been thinking, and it does not seem to me that so called "fascist" and "communist" have to be the things they are considered and the corruptions they have been the cover for. I think what we have , as a humanity experienced are perversions of some deep human ideal to provide life and liberties and civilisations of greatness.

The kinds of long lasting civilisations that we admire as a humanity were lands where the people have never been free. We admire their cultures and traditions and we desire the quaintness of expressing ourselves with ceremony, form, and meaning.

Yet paradoxically, we are distracted by progress and greed and fear.

Let me ask you a random question....

Have you ever studied the history of our money system? It is my uneducated opinion that there is no financial crisis. What is happening is that the governments of this world and the bankers wish to do business with fewer entities. The government does not bail anyone out unless there is profit for itself. They are buying the corporations.

Do we absently experience a form of happiness because the gas prices have dropped?

Are we grateful to our evil puppet overlords for their boon?

Ahhh dont mind the chicken littles, the sky isn't falling anymore.

I just cant help but have images of Ben Franklin washing his hands of us in sad disgust.

There used to be a saying. "sell your soul to the company store."

It was not a pleasant notion. But perpetual debt. You had to buy your goods at the store they provided on your paycheck's credit. Therefore you where always going to work for those people until your debt was paid off.

I am sure those individuals expressed much thanks to their over lords for various boons. Such as more choices, or a few of the latest goods.
But at the same time the company was stealing from their bellies.

But Humanity could have taken a different course. Sorry, but i cant escape feeling a certain finality to theses coming years.

Oil is what we will become, as it is made up of what used to be.

Oil is dinosaurs, and trees, and rocks, and crap.

The dinosaurs where jipped. Simply not intelligent enough to learn from their environment, and mistakes. Simply not aware enough to study and prepare.

But humanity is. But, i must be in a state of delusion because there is absolutely no public, or common awareness of various real science issues that threaten not only our freedoms, but our existence.

Fact, the bees have been dieing. Fact, the sun has been flipping out. Fact the money system is cracked, expect radical change. Fact, their are experiments and bad chemicals and mental programming, and subliminal programming, and evil agendas, and fake religion, and very evil actions going on in reality.

Things that simply to desire, and to become concerned with doing well, would eliminate.

But instead to believe in good ideals is so "unrealistic".

If i was not mad, i would think that was strange.

Now i am trying to avoid my fatalistic funk. But i just dont think we would do very well if there ever was something like a Judgement from God.

Society has been herded into corals... warcraft, disney show fans, cell phones that do all. Love is portrayed with materialism. Deep thoughts often involve food choices rather then how to improve oneself. Reality shows have people act shallow and full of vanity.

Have you ever noticed in American Idol how the more "self-confident" as person is the more they absolutely suck? How none of the people with confidence can back it up? Nor are the studied ones modest?

Also, there is all theses paranoid "wake up" videos on YouTube.... and i keep thinking... and do what?

Wake up and do what? Why does no one show hope full videos, with good human nobility.....promote the emotion of compassion and action?

What, why dont I? Well because i dont want to. I am intimidated by the time i have to put into looking for images to copy and paste and all that so called *easy* stuff.

Anyway Humanity might have chosen another way.

This world still has plentiful and quickly renewable resources of food and oil.
We have technology to irrigate deserts, cure disease, control population wisely, educate all and make liberty also. We could use the deltas of the world to grow food like the Egyptians did.... esp since the climate is changing, hurricanes bring sediment. (speaking of using the Mississippi delta for farm land rather than a place to show off your boobs for some plastic beads.)

Shoot Hemp seed oil can run cars.......but more amazing is that we know how to make cars run on water, frying grease, plain electricity, cars that create water or some kind of useful gas.

But do we all have it? no... hey we could use solar energy, but dang nab it the solar panels cost too much.

What? Yeah money gets in the way of ending fossil fuel dependence.

Bamboo has been building houses and feeding people and fires for generations.

I hear rice has more uses than food, and get this........ and these supplies and many like them grow all over the place.

This does not mean we have to stop using trees, but i think we need to lay off the oil and coal. Perhaps.......... in the form of penance we might learn to make more, and put it back. as we have disturbed the internal balance of things.

We have the technologies to do all this. I dont know what kind of stubborn red tape prevents doing good things for humanity. I dont understand why money is so important. I cant figure out why we are so hung up on sex and entertainment. And not commonly about things of a higher Chakra?

But i guess that is reality. Simply the way it is. Or even simpler the kind of beingness that gets to be in charge for the moment. I hope and pray that we get the notion to change that at some point in the future.

It would be plenty nice if some higher beingness would emerge and be relevant to all and instruct us toward better civilisation.

Hey i hear Merck has a pill for this kind of thinking.

*be blessed if you want to be.*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How many readers have i got?

I sometimes wonder. But ya know don't want get all egotistical.

But I do. I have a little ego trip. Which got me to thinking, what is the difference between an ego trip and simply enjoying your life? To find intrigue and connection with this living moment. Which can be as meaningful and as purposeful as you pay mind to make it.

Anyway. I am rather scatterbrained tonight. I think i am going to list out some talking points and babble periodically.

My talking points are ego-pleasure, democracy and government ideas, But first....

How many readers do I have? I tried to install one of those digital counters, but i am entirely inept with the computer funky mojo. See, if i had a disciple that read my blog he could to all that techno stuff for me.

My gawd I am an arrogant punk, or was I putting on a facade'?

Anyway, I think that guy, John Luftus removed my requested blog archive navigation tool to spite me for writing a negative and unstudied book review for his book. Then later I made *public* my stark and uneducated disagreement with much of his psyche.

Or maybe I am just creating mental drama...ida know.

And now for the politics....

I used to fantasise about being Queen of another kind of world. And I tried to write the constitution of her government, but well....... it would have been illegal to draft such a document with out a fair discussion and vote.

So I could only draft ideas. I have no testing ability nor education of social psychology to determine of my ideas are good ones or bad ones. But ....I like them and in MY world they work....

I do believe in eye for an eye. Something equal to something same. I think that things like trials should really be personal ...if lady justice is truly blind then mercy can be given.

There is the law, and there is circumstance. There is no such thing as zero tolerance.
Nature doesn't know zero tolerance. Therefore such a standard of purity cannot exist.

I would like to say I believe in the death penalty but I am not decided. I mean how much of that choice is made according to disgust of the human being? One's repulsion to the "sin" should not be used as a measuring stick for fair punishment.

I am reminded of a line form Hannibal Lecter. He said, that we are a backward people. Neither savage nor wise. Any reasonable civilisation would have either killed him or put him to good use. And I am sure we could, he was a brilliant mind.

Imagine if Hannibal could become part of the Justice system for the criminally insane. If his payment for a job fairly and well done as a prosecutor or a judge or what ever....was the guilty?


darn it... I guess you wont be immigrating to my country now.. look that idea isn't set in stone it was just a thought. I will be happy to hear from my royal court.

I also believe that law that directly effect's the public should be voted upon by the public for and again after a six to twelve month trial run.

I think that is democratic. I believe that is a government for the people , by the people.

I was toying with an idea to stagger the election of the royal court...(Parliament, congress, group of advisers and law makers and Representatives of their states etc)

I was thinking a Monarch may reign for ten years and not exceed 3 terms. But I wanted the court to be elected every five years, but had not coinciderd if I should limit their terms. Need input ya know. It is tough trying to plot a government. Esp a fair one.

I would keep alot , if not word for word , of our American constitution. That stuff about balance of power, only triangulate it to the Monarch, the Court, and the Public.

I kinda believe in corporeal punishment.

One of my old , perhaps childish idea's, in the fantasy was instead of prisons many misdemeanors and habitual criminals would serve a term of indenture in the home of a skilled reformer. This can range from civil service like trash pick up, to being sent to a Reform or Military School. And to be shipped off to a Reformer's home.

Much like my story below, which I know needs some major editing and redraft work. I will do it when I have time.

But see the more I study my humanity the more I can understand that pain, even well poised and proper justice pain does not really work. One develops a fear of punishment, or a challenge to defy attitude.
YET, if people here raised in a society of honer and goodness then pain would serve the purpose intended.
Anyway still, a reformer need not resort to pain. He is to serve as a counselor and for behaviour modification. But not abuse.

I would enforce stricter punishment on abusers who have reformer's licenses then I would common parents who abuse.


Why a monarch you ask? Why not a president that has a ten year term? Because of pomp an circumstance maybe. The idea of nobility and nostalgia perhaps, or simple ego-vanity?
I want to imply that He or She has absolute power. Yet she may also be impeached.
I have toyed with the idea that impeachment, is for those who commit treason against the people and the penalty is death.

But could I trust a blind and television brainwashed unreading mob of our current population with that kind of power and choice?

No. This government and society are for the higher evolved.

I think if I was Queen I would treat my country like it was my beloved family. Yet I would still have the final word. And I would carefully listen and argue and accept argument and even scold and reject upon my gut feeling or judgment right or wrong.
Just like it would be in real life.

But could I trust my lazy uneducated emotional nut like myself with the decision and control of people's lives? Ahhh therefore I have an elected court.

And I think that a five year switch up of the court would give a fresh look into what ever issues I would be discussing with them. It would control the yes men as well.

I would have universal health care, defiantly. At first I think I would like my country to become self sufficient, then begin trade. Let us become stable, un-dependant and un-indebted to another.

I like what Japan did way back when. Close the borders. We have to learn to be a country.

*dang, i hope the thought police aren't going to flag me for that slice of freedom. Don't matter I only have like five revolution there*

I kinda believe in mandatory Military service. I think there should be a minimum two year enlistment of all ages 18-21. Somewhere in my old notes I drafted an enlistment plan for those with children and other mitigating factors.

I was thinking I liked the idea of the military being the police, and firemen, and paramedics.
But it sounds very fascist-like. I just like royal guards, royal forth and so on.

I think there would be prisons, I hope I never send anyone there...... maybe murders who don't rate the death penalty, or habitual rapists, or habitual law-breakers, serious crime. Ya know, like black market, loan sharks, and bad lawyers.

But these prisons would have to be inmate run. They grow food, they have to make their clothing, if they want an education, they have to go to the library. If they want to live they have to work together. But they are not trusted to live within society again.

I am not sure if I am talking about a banishment or a controlled banishment...should their be guards and counselors or just managed self sufficiency, fear pain punishment stuff. I don't know.

Sheesh I hope we immigrate in some decent human beings so I wont ever have to deal with these complications. ESP before I get me a royal court to help deliberate.

Sheesh these are hypothetical situations.....

I think I would legalise pot and also use it as a resource.

Some people might wonder about my abortion stand. That is not something that I can rule over. It simply is a person's choice. And I would rather it be a safe choice. Yet my heart is torn. I would like to recognise it as murder of a life. Perhaps one who chooses abortion should be regulated to only have one living child. Or if I wanted to be harsh, sterilize them... but I think that would be my emotions not wisdom.

Some people might like a hypothetical. How would I solve this financial crisis?

*the young Queen runs away, dragging a dusty train of blue behind her*

Season's Greetings

Happy New President's day.

I guess that was yesterday, but he doesn't actually take office until January 21. All the conspiracy bums are wiggin out.

Personally, i am not very sure that i have an opinion about it. I have some strange ideas and some strong fantasies but not knowledge of truth on the matter. Obama is welcome to be president in my book. I mean , accepting reality, it does me no earthly good to bitch about it.

All we can argue is our fears about the what ifs, and cite history for an example to prove our points. But that is all speculation and conjecture and fear and hype.

(really the truth is i am too intellectually lazy to study up on the issues, i am very busy homeschooling my son for the second grade and would rather not involve myself in any complicated issue that I could not explain to an 8 year old.)

I have adopted a non-partisan wait and see attitude, with my fingers crossed that perhaps Mister Obama could be the next Jimmy Carter. Although i cant in the living memory of me tell you why I think he was so great. My only opinion of him was biased on a Saturday night live episode.

So, I am home schooling. I might start to sound like one of those average bloggers. But I so enjoy observing his young mind work.

I am unconsciously guiding my son to think of his work observationally, scientifically. Even his reading/grammar is being worked out. When his mental gears are working he likes to discover his lesson.

HA.... they told me he was ADHD and needed pills.........he thinks like a genius. But argh... I have to agree with the school people about his stubbornness. And well, he also acted out badly. Throwing desk, screaming, ranting, riping papers, attacking kids....

freaked out... and he simply does not act like that at home. I can't afford a shrink, i dont want assholes snooping about. So, I figured I had to help him myself. The school could not take the time to figure him out. I surely could not explain him... (face it as a mother, when you try to answer for your child you can only blame...erm incriminate yourself)

So I dis-enrolled him when he got suspended. His principle was very supportive. His class invited him back the next day to give him a proper sending off.

See, he is a sweet and honest child.

He was a favorite in his class.

(oh no he's the anti christ......hush paranoia this isn't your blog tonight...anyway... So I am homeschooling him and loving it.)

I am having a hard time breaking things down for him. I get impatient with him not focusing. I am afraid I am being too much of a perfectionist. But I am so scared that I will get lazy about this.

I am intimidated by the weight of responsibility I feel to his education.

Like, How do I progress him on to writing paragraphs when I can't get him to focus well enough to discuss or develop ideas?

I worry we will move too slowly and it is hard also to adjust my ideal work schedule to his mental needs.

Argh. So much to do, I hardly have time for my other obsessions.

But look on the bright side, perhaps my own grammar and spelling will improve.

Since I was a child, I tried to organise and work thru my school books. Within the first few days of school I had already counted the chapters, and pages in each chapter, and divided them by days and weeks. I normally had 2 month reading plan to have the book finished.

But I lacked discipline and never kept to my schedule.

I compensated by collecting text books and building a library that I promise myself I will read.

How mythological.

And when I had children I vowed that I would teach them to read by the time they where three.

I compensated for that by forcing them to play school over summer break. I made little planners. I got SO impatient with them. And the desire only lasted for about two weeks.

It did not work out. Too stressful. I guess I was trying to pace them..(erm, force march them) at collegial cadence.

But skill is often born of necessity.

We are in our fifth week of homeschooling. He works best, I call him golden boy , in the afternoon. But I feel strongly about getting started early. We do math first. We are working on Multiplication and Adding at the same time.

We spent the last two weeks practicing skip counting, and I plan to work out the next 3 weeks applying that with a little "cheat sheet".

I wish that I could be so organized about his grammar.

For English/Spelling/Writing we are focusing on penmanship, sentence structure, commas, capitals, reading vowels and consonant clusters, and using context, and reading comprehension.

For History/Social Studies and Health/Science. We are casually reading thru text books.

I think I just haven't understood how to engage him. How to spark his imagination.

(slaps forehead)

Dumbass!... I need to get him flipped over to the left side. I want "analytical imagination"

He get so super wild then. That's the ADHD. He gets exciting thoughts and naturally gets hyper.

I think I need to be more flexible about how long this takes to figure out. I mean, fact...He preforms beautifully in the mid to late afternoon.
I mean we don't struggle or fight (well, barely but) ... it is pleasant and even fun.

SO why don't I start then?

*whines* but I don't wanna be doing school ALLLL DAAAAYYYY loooooong.

But he works well, therefore it goes faster.

But i wannnaa be on the computer then.

Can't you be online during a long break?

NOOOO, not if I start in the after noon. *pauses*
I mean, because I am starting so late and that means working till nearly 4 to get finished...

Perhaps, that is a good time for your daughter to get the computer.

(grumbles...i think your going to win this argument)

It appears that way.

I will give it a try for this week, see how it goes.

This afternoon I will talk it over with him.

And now to try to think of something completely different.