Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have watched a movie called "Home".

Is there nothing that will be done?.... is there nothing there nothing that we have not done?

Seems quite a shame that .....

oh why should i bother.... what do i expect me and my possibly 6 readers to come up with some solution?

Well yes... frankly, i do... but should we never get to implement them, shall we preserve them for some future?

Perhaps our writings can be the next 2012 disinformation.

I should hope that the size and the changes our climate will be going thru, coupled with the mass die offs from pandemic and starvation, should SHOULLLLLLDDDDDDD........leave some pockets of human survivors.

(funny how the first time we lost lots of achent knowledge, it was the Christians who dun it, but this time we will loose every scrap of knowledge save what fragments have the fortune of being either set in stone or put in the right clay pot. but it is the Capitalists and the Communists, and the many others just trying to compete with Western rape of humanity.

I would advise the person who finds what ever copy of this fragment is left, to use all his efforts in science to find ways to re carpet the lacking top manage lava to make land....To find a way to store/compress/ or other wise recycle garbage into oils for generations yet farther off.

I suggest we do not crowd our lands with people, so that everyone would be able to have healthy space and good earth.... i suggest we let the vast places that are deserts and thick forests now, remain....

live within it's space and clear only enough to maintain small towns.

i wonder if deserts will ever be grass lands again. If we left it alone....if we use our water wisely and creeped inland form fertile places into deserts... could we slowly re claim that land? ahhhh the dreams...

Forget them.

toooo many people are poor... too many resources are gone... too much simple vanity rule this world.

We need simpler lives... we need only worry about our immediate concerns... but no.. what we have created in this world.... all built on lies........

shoot even if the movie is hype, isn't a message of wisdom necessary? Seems kinda ridiculous to believe that humans haven't impacted the earth. One fact.... that staggers me every time it comes to mind..... 300 MILLION YEARS of leaves, and animals, and trees, and carbon created oil......and 200 years of dependence has put it back into the sky. I wonder what the facts are one the resources that make up Steel, and other wastefully used items like aluminium foil. I confess i love my aluminium foil but... in the interest of the world do i NEED it?

So many non essential to life....and well beyond minor convinces our production has gone into insane luxury.

Ocean waves of difference could be made if we would find some unity and make socially conscious decisions. Perhaps we can get 30 millions people to eat and send rice to starving places for one month.

Perhaps we could make our own bread... thus changing the ratio of grains needed to make store bought. Making it possible to feed some starving people. What if we made fish a luxury? It once was. You only ate the fish you caught, or if you passed a coastal town, and had a BIG block of ice.
If maybe we made fish available in stores or hatcheries, but not for restaurants. What if we let poor charlie tuna live in peace and make more baby's we can eat later......repentitivly later...50, 75, or 100 years later.

What if we Harvest rats, and chickens, and dogs and cats and rabbits? in stead of so many cows and pigs......
If we expanded the meat market the burden of production might find equilibrium. And of course available in stores and therefore small restaurants, but not cooperation's. All the left over chicken can be canned and sent to some starving place.

IF we would agree to simplify our lives....we have enough convenient and distracting entertainments. I don't want a smaller video camera i was right happy with the big VHS style one.
Stupid little devices... it reminds me of Douglas Adams when we said something about the people where happy as long as they have their digital watches.

IF you are happy with your 300 "friends" on facespace and your extended network and spending 50 meaningless dollars a month on your apps ....then you should be able to blitz your mind out while eating rice and composting and caring about things that are truly important.

The other day my son and i went to Subway. This is a rare treat for us, (we are lower middle class, it is rapidly becoming the new poor) I was talking with him, helping him decide what to have. Seemed normal to me, but i think the people who worked there thought it was strange. or maybe my son was autistic and required such tender talking with. I suppose lots of people are in a hurry and rush their kids along, while they talk on their phones. What ever happened to loving your child?

To be in his face space? To have his real friendship?

I tell ya i fear for this planet

If say, and alien life comes to the planet before we all kill ourselves, and they are intelligent, would they not dominate us?

Could not the intelligent of our species dominate it?

OF course you know that once thusly dominated there will be at least 50 years of constant fighting.
Too bad those who dominate will never get to see the possibilities they set in motion. Certainly the governments are willing to aid the world for the price of our souls. No wonder the bible said of you go that way you lose your soul... You lose all the RIGHT to enjoy those things that are the Majesty of being human.

Sure the world will survive and perhaps people to .. just in the nic of time by our green socialism. But will we ever advance?

It is so bad that in order to do right by mother earth we need to repent and give up raping her, and eat only the barest needed, because she is tired... she is sick... and she is very PISSED.

But we are Human....that means we will do too little too late, we will not all "agree" until the decision is do or die. We will not be convinced that if it ever will be do or die then it is ALREADY time to decide because their are infinite numbers ahead of us int he future that need this planet.
Never convinced while our air conditions are churning and our cold drinks smell of coconut and rum and the sweat and blood of a man who lives in a ti shack with his extended family. He does not have a drink, He fears starvation and sickness, he does not have many children, he is not lazy... he works in a factory that bottles your rum.

We think because we cant see it , it is not there. We will wonder who will save us when we live like that. It seems inevitable that when we live in those conditions there will necessarily be a pandemic.
conditions cannot exist like that without some newly formed mutation of death.
but nature normally creates those born immune. Lets hope they will not live life threatening distances from each other, to perpetuate mating.

I have often wondered if the earth may have gone thru this before. Is there a history we have not found? Perhaps there where survives once before. Gawd... we haven't learned a thing.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Words of the Prophet.

I am loving this man's book. He talks about our human population problem, our food production rates, and many other things. His book asks deep questions about our governments and values. He presents ideas for solutions and necessary life changes to better ensure humanities survival come what may. He seems to speak from wisdom instead of Ideology. If your a reader of mine check his stuff out and if you like...SPREAD THE WORD. Create think tanks, cause action. (no i don't mean in a hysterical flattered fan kind of way, i mean lets evolve god damn it!)
A tantalizing quote from Philosopher8

"""""And so I proclaim to Humanity: The time has come when we must evolve as a species. We cannot continue to exist virtually as animals when we are so numerous and possess such power to consume and destroy. We are in possession of an entire living planet. Let us behave like we deserve to own it!

Let us not allow ourselves to exist as locusts, breeding and eating until the whole world is forever blighted. We must run our planet and our species in a much more focused, intelligent, and comprehensive manner; not pandering to the short-sighted intentions and cries of the unenlightened majority.

We must seek great power over the affairs of humanity, not out of vanity or greed, but as an adult must learn to govern himself and those around him when the duties of leadership are needed. Casting humanity into a more orderly and potent form is the only way we can accomplish our survival and prosperity.

And just because many tyrants in the past have used similar language to serve their devious purposes, this in no way invalidates the logic that order is superior to chaos. We simply must ensure that the order we establish serves humanity, and not the base intentions of charismatic demagogues like Hitler, Lenin, or Stalin. """

((( i can't wait until i read about your proposals for keeping the leadership balanced. it has been a very difficult thing for me to ponder, how to preempt human evil.)))

""" When embarking upon a voyage as important as discovering a superior form of government, it is essential to approach the problem in an objective and rational manner.

To accomplish this, we must first take a long hard look at our present governments, and at the philosophies that spawn them, to see the flaws in their construction. Once we see what is wrong with these philosophies and governments, we can then take steps to construct new modes of thought and control that do not possess these same weaknesses.

If we approach the problem in a scientific manner, seeking those goals I outlined at the beginning of this work, we may discover the way forward that makes our species both stronger and more humane. """"

We echo each other's thoughts on many counts. Only you are farther ahead of the game in your considerations. I look forward to reading more. I wonder what book(s) could i read that would further help me understand political theory such as it is. I would like to dialogue not just play catch up or praise each other's insight all the time.

my question

(1) Seems to me that in order to implement this new government ...
we would have to greatly simplify what would be normal life and values. We could not maintain the jet set lifestyle, or the convenience lifestyle... a life style change what would be manageable is simple.

And as we are able to maintain and grow a surplus our focus can be scientific or what not...we can systematically grow in technical arenas while maintaining our progress. And not make great lopsided leaps in the sciences but create and educate and implement widely a few advances before inching forward again.

More like living in the 1800's. Back then you had to make your bread, and pound your own corn meal... economies where basic and good things where luxury more than necessity. For many people already in the world such a lifestyle would be a major advancement.
Also it engenders families to care for good virtues and enjoy their lives and dramas, giving us creative, more wholesome citizens. (this is my little house on the prairie theory)

I mean much of our modern lives is engineered to not engender communication or precious moments. And when we go to save the world, people will have to give up most of these silly conveniences so we can feed a few more thousand people with the flour that goes in to tasty cakes.
The Egyptians had a very limited diet...we have a lot of ways to put nutrition into a pill, perhaps we don't need as much farming. I suppose i am asking about food replication huh? But the basic point is perhaps there is too much variety, and luxury foods, in order to sustain life we might need to simplify diets. More dependence on *eekkkk* carbs and less fishing, No Kentucky fried chicken and McDonald's, and good bye Doritos.

Bleak i tell ya. Our modern houses have kitchens the size of a bathroom because people have forgotten how to cook and don't NEED kitchens anymore. Did you know that in Rome, just before the fall people ate food from vendors and seldom ate at home....
such similarity.