Thursday, July 30, 2009

A time to Chill

Gentle Reader;

I think i have said all i got. I got no new thoughts or need to explain.

My real life has become worrisome and i am in a bit of a depression, and frankly i have nothing to think about that would not come out as blah blah life sucks blah blah....

And my readers have had quite enough of that.

IF i have a new thought i'll be back.

I am finished with the conspiracy shit... that fear has been replaced by "will i have a home in five months?"

I have been playing a very mindless game on face book....

but my smile is real so don't worry. I just need to not think for a while.

try and apply all the mental stuff to my actual life and maybe get my muscles in shape, and focus on my home schooling again.

loves and good thoughts to all

Justine IZM....
(psssst i am very likely to respond to any co-mentors just i don't wanna pontificate anymore for a while)