Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy belated new year

*comes floating in, victoriously happy.... i have maybe found a chat home. A place where it is relevant that i exist. Filled with a small few with whom i may communicate. and LOOOOOK i am actually working on my friggin grammar and stuff.

I have received feedback of kudos from the critical public. and EEEEKKK much to my chagrin i am not worthy to hide away in shadows but somewhat enjoyable to watch flutter about.

Ahhh those evil wolfish atheists.....i may not be eaten alive but my fear can still retreat to muse upon "well roasted." Sweet rue of intimidation if i do say so myself. I will have to watch out for that one.

Oh dear reader.... i haven't told you where.

So color me happy. ((attention all new readers, dear. i am liable to change point of view and context at a moments notice. sometimes i'll start with one topic speak about an other and finish back on topic with no apparent reason. well lighten up.. this is MY sand box. you may help build the castle or stop kicking around my dirt.))

Darn i almost feel like that's all i have to say.

I have been practicing shortening my messages. And avoiding mystical explanations.I have been working on finding a testing Field for my ideas and dilemmas, and i have found a good place at Ex-Christian.

There are many Wise and patient and kind people there. Ex-Cristian dot net is a place where allot of people vent their frustrations and work our their angers and pains they have about deconversion and religious magical thinking.

People of strong christian faith also have fair ground to have their say. For the most part quasi intelligent open posts by anyone bring out first the helpful, then the questioning, then the public pronouncement of the regulars there.

They allow people to grow, adapt, and question. And Wooo Hooo i ME! and my warped brain has been accepted in that helpful and question and pronouncement stages.

SO just in case that gets me any new readers ( esp when i plug my blog at the next available moment) i will have prepared a nice new post to lure them in.

then.... *snickers*....

then as my dear captive readers all know....

then i will lose ALL credibility.... stick around it will be fun being well roasted!