Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it jsut me, or is there stuff to be paranoid about?

Now, i don't know how much time i am going to spend on the thoughts invoked...or contained within the terms of the title of this piece. I just sometimes get to thinking, and the more i do that the more i wonder why these points of view are not readily visible, and shall i say vehentimaly opposed by the public.

I am speaking of a rumor (quality rumor too, she gave online references even)That he commandeer in chief Wants to take in the refugees of Hamas, in our borders. Well color me racist if you will but it is not their skin i am prejudiced against. Nor their religion. Rather their influence. These are people ...all those people....(please do not misread, we have many of that kind of our own) people who for generations deep into their living cultural memory have settled disagreements, and social unrest and general malcontent with destruction, opposing authoritarian structures, religion, and the ever popular oppresson of individual freedom.

We have such groups in America, gangs. It is my theory, racist or not, that these people will huddle in their groups and vie for territory in which they could practice their own mini-theocracy.......such as these groups do, and most of them ideologise violence, control, and oppression.

So let us welcome with open arms these poor and casted out.

Oh i am regretfully sorry that i don't include references. the truth is i would have to call my friend back, and ask her. Shall we call this piece 'references available upon request' ? And it is also a cheap masked attempt to illicit response form my readers, in hopes that i have more than three. Besides i don't want to be liable for subversive material.


Moving on.

So naturally i am interpreting all this as signs of encroaching need for total government take over..... once Americans start to express their social discontents......more than Internet...(oh and i try to manage subversion in subtle conversation in real life, make it sound all crazy , but also one of those... "things that make you go hummm")

Well , it is my theory that should we start acting like the Americans Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson gave birth to, enter plan "B".

SO i am faced with a personal delimea...how much should one rock the boat? Allowing people to be lulled out into a ignorant compliant constituent....would make the process virtually painless...not to mention bloodless.... practically.

IF we act out, they will put us out. The only way to turn as historically proven is by.....civil disobedience, and defence.

Which brings me to an other few things. In Nature there is something called Survival of the fittest. Many cultures of humanity have been lost to lack of adaption, refusal to adjust, and simply not migrating when the life source was depleted.

Humanity has been thru climate change before...without all this technology and weather control and chemtrails and mass authoritarianism..er i mean Global Idealism. They simply moved.
Now the UN wants to put a ban on Bottled Water companies. My reference for this is CNN, therefore you can google your own results. They want water to be termed a human right. And the people living in ......well lets call it Ethiopia.....they have no water. we need to ship it to them so they can keep on living in that dead environment.....

She posits that we rich people should simply eat cake.... i mean drink our tap waters and tough titty because we need to sacrifice for those poor starving Ethiopians.

I am sure the idea is noble. Shame on us for not tending to the poor of the earth.
But there are factors. Many places where "rich" people drink bottled water because their tap water is toxic. Yes that is a social problem we might spend some time on also, but, wouldn't it be a middle ground to help migrate the Ethiopians?

That's nature...adapt or die. one could also die adapting......but his young would further that adapting and live. Same Same....

But we all know they wont do MY idea.

sooooo.... what's next?

This is an example of asking us to do something outrageous.. it is a test, like seat belt laws.

Will we do this one major thing for "THEM"? if so how easy would it be to get us to take more restrictions? For the common good. IF we did this why not do that.surely we are compliant to "Bettering tomorrow".

They have made it so you get a fine if you smoke in your car and have children. All the better to train us to watch and peer accusingly at our neighbor. They also wish to extend this law to you homes. Well..... i am sure the idea is noble, after all their poor little lungs might suffer form third hand...THIRD HAND?! smoke. Why i would be sadistic to not be concerned with damage my actions cause to them....... i ... i ... should be punished.

See how i am willing to be compliant to the indoctrination of authority, and my utter lack of ability to self rule, and assume personal responsibility by faith or by leap of the same to live my life and adapt.

lately i have been reading books..... How to detect lies and manipulate them ( i am not so interested in learning manipulation such power should not be put into my hands, as powerful and guru as i am it might be devastating....imagine the glory of billions of self trusting understanding souls in power instead of infectious human waste of greed and control and violence)......*eyes lose their perky gloss* um... where was i.....

Books..... one about the holy madness thing......one against authoritarianism that advocates a whole new moral reality overhaul. One talking about brainwashing and mind manipulation the posits that we are more "controlled" than we might wish to become aware. ( great for schizophrenic types) ..... yeah that's all.

Also trying to knit an afghan... and master my Sim City scenario.

Adult ADHD.

I think this is why all the Indian gods had lots of arms. Surely a god needs them, i know i do.

Ohhhhh........they want to nationalise the banking system.... can you smelllllllllll the fascism?

gawd i hope 2012 brings something good.

so i wonder.... rock the boat or wait four slow tedious nearly painful-less mind numbing more years of terror and rights flying through my fingers, curfews maybe?........and comply with CNN's cheerful optimism and never wonder why they aren't talking about the stuff ..the more important stuff scrolling along the bottom of my screen.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

is it 2009 yet?

Well, i didn't think i would get the desire to write again, since i stopped smoking.

It occurred to me that my post "cockroaches" was written sober, so i cant be all that bad.

I have things on my mind. i want to retract what i said about Obama being welcome to be my president. I am not so sure anymore. I mean a trillion dollars? Isn't that like pulling money out of my great grand children's asses? Isn't that like printing money because the ink is there? Does it at all seem like hush money? I mean, suppose they put allot of money in our hands to get us to go shopping with it......doesn't this seem like materialistic values? What if i don't want to go shopping? what if i believe a time of frugality is called for theses days?

EHHHHHH i don't KNOW. but i do know that printing money didn't work in Venezuela, Philippines, Nazi Germany, and during the administrations of Hoover and Roosevelt.
I feel like we stare stupidity and insanity in the face and grin our mute compliance.

Remember capitalism? Isn't that where is you make bad financial decisions and loose... TOUGH SHIT? When the big company falls, doesn't that give the little business room to stand up? HEY doesn't that HELP THE ECONOMY?
Oh ...

Here's something, remember American spirit? That's where if they say they where going to switch the TVs to digital on Feb 17 then they would DO IT.... if you failed to get the equipment you needed by then TOUGH SHIT! No TV for you until you do.

but no, for some reason , they really care that you have a TV. That rubs me the wrong way. Why is it so important to have network entertainment? Might it be because those families who loose their television might just be OK with that, and try some critical thought? Perhaps read a few books?

I saw a You Tube the other day, there have been numerous cases of birds falling dead out of the sky. this is all over the world, now. There are some weak lies about "controlled poisoning". Funny thing is , about these controlled, planned deaths of birds, the authorities doing the poisoning didn't feel it necessary to warn the towns folk that stinky caresses would need cleaning up.

Now that one has me a little stumped. Didn't the Bible say that god was going to kill off a third of the birds in one of his bowl judgments? OR you can blame the government. if you imaginative you can say god is using the government to his purpose. Or you can close your eyes and say "i don't see no dead birds", or close your ears and say "see, they said it was the bird flu, or poisoning, or alcida"

I hear the Christians staring lovingly up in the sky.......oh their salvation draweth nigh.

I say..i hope they are right, but i keep looking up saying "here come De Judge"

Forgive my bad writing today. i guess i was not as interested in composing as i was in having a bitch session.

What does Obama mean by making a government supported faith biased office to give charities to people. For that matter why is he harping on the unifying of faiths anyway? That is not his office. But..if memory serves it IS the office of a particular nefarious character from Revelations. I also heard a rumer that he want to change our economy toward a government driven form rather than capitalisim. But HUSHHHH i don't want to be "crazy".

or Subversive.

When the President speaks i find myself calling for the children to be quiet, Hitler is speaking.

I hope i am wrong. I am sure many Readers would tell me i am. But if they tell me so with blind hope fulled ,no fact speech, i will tell them they know no better than me with my fear filled watching. what do we know? I know this, by the time we can point at things and discuss them, it may be too late.

well * yawn* i guess i am done for now. this was boring and not well written. My temptation factor is really high , because i want to write better.

I will go and accept my fate as an average undereducated non poetic blogger.


see birds falling out of the sky.