Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Wow and notes on my would-be novel.

      I almost forgot to post anything for this new year, huh? 

     Well, I got myself all side tracked with the many changes of life. Plotting a move, worrying about family.  But recently I had been inspired by and old series of children's books that reminded me of how I came to invent the world of Keshathria. 

     This series is called The Great Brain by John Fitzgerald, and it is as if Huckleberry Finn and Laura Ingales had a book baby.
Written in the 1960s, and set in the 1880's, Fitzgearled was able to capture the common culture of children and family of the times. Many of the childhood situations had not changed, many of the discipline and family justice had not changed in his choice of era. But must seem forien to the kid culture of the 2000's. Cool nostalgia, when there really isn't much against taking it back.

     The situations and the notions of old town living and the general mindset of the adult culture, where integriy, and intelligent partisipation for the good of all, was upheld.  A lot more in the public at the very least. A child of this age wanted to grow up to be hard working like Lincoln, or a strong leader like Washington. And one would like to believe that the levels of deceptive means where nothing like in our modern age.

      My vision of my world was to wonder about what american culture would be today if these common values had never deminished. What if people still took only what they needed and paid back what they owe? What if families talked?  What if the unpublic behind the doors culture reflected the outer culture? What if humans really did care about discipline, wisdom and integrity more than power, gain and glory? 

     Once we had a traditional and a shame culture in the world timeline. And even today there are undiscovered tribes of humans who may also seem so primitive to our take on physical discipline and shame. But we have invented whole new methods of scaring the minds of our citizens, haven't we?   Methods biased on some official not having his way and over powering your desire to be free and self willed. Methods non the less immorally scarring the minds of men without justice or any priority except vengeance.

    My vision is based on the fantasy of,  if there where a human culture that held onto their valuse concerning the best government of man for the good of mankind, rather than working really hard to PRETEND they have that kind of culture, then what would the modern days look like?  

      Would a shame culture work if the punishments where in whole baised on social and moral standards, rather than retaliation and dominance standards?

     I don't know.  But I know that human personality ranges, and includes use of violent nature, even the wisest among us would quothe, "to everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven."

   In the World of Keshathria they practice different methods of energy consumption. They stock pile, use and recycle, as well as seek to replace or use more efficiently from all of their resources. You may produce your own electricity, or  buy it from  the Solar company, the Electric company, the Water plant, or chose alternate lifestyle.  In the cases of the first and the last certain fire codes and public safety measures are applied as well as special medical coverage because a pioneer's life is a rugged one to be sure.  

   I suppose they could have evolved to only use the sun for their energy needs, I mean, it sure is big enough to last them. But they are a free market society. Only more like, capitalism with a ceiling.  What would happen if the Sun Company became the only game in town, and then the coal, and oil and water people standards of service went down?  Well, in a culture of personal gain and greed you would have the seeds for corporate state. If we want to honer free choice, if the people had options to use what they can both financially and  morally afford; then pride in the worker and pride in the buyer are created; happy people.

    In the Kingdom of Kehshathria they aren't going for the gain but for the longevity of the business.  Every business in the towns striving to improve their product, their name.  Rather than have to sell ten refrigerators to a family in 20 years, it is better to sell the same family 20 refrigerators over ten generations.  And maybe their Aunts and newlywed nieces, and so forth.

     This ceiling is something like net. No one or few persons ought to have a monopoly of businesses.  There may have to be lawful caps in place but I, the author haven't gotten to learn much about political theory. Just seems like a cool idea and because I am the author I can make believe that it works. An' ya know what, if I am a good author, I can make you believe it too. (evil cackle)

      Now I have pondered, should my towns have anyone who uses horse and buggy? If my pretend society is market free and conscious free, then I suppose there would be people who decide, everything they need is near by, or would be a short trip away....they don't want to deal with car maintence, cheaper to have a horse. And they do it, they ride in the bikers lane everyday. Now the wagon dealer's shop is not quite in the city so they might need a ride getting out there to buy a horse and buggy.

        Well I guess I am out of things to say about that. Simply imagine that the 1800's went on. Try to over look the fact human nature hasn't changed all that much and i would find corruption and petty voience back then, abuse and alcoholics and all that. But pretend instead, that this is a fantasy that humans had refined that American spirit. That people still spoke and had conversations with the likes of Emerson and Jefferson. People had deep principles, not shallow sides.  And making one's experience of life be a quest for truth. This is not an impossible dream.  

        I have gotten some flack form others about the use of violence, their reactions where personal.  That's when I understood that violence might not be a necessary piece of culture, the notion of it and outrage against it would over shadow the story of the book.  I suppose, for some readers anyway.

      So I started to wonder a bit about it, and figured maybe I just haven't added enough lengthy story telling inserts. Those inserts I warned the reader about earlier that I would be adding to put more drama and play into the story. I am thinking that I have not wrote in the emotional justice I was going for.

      And then I think one can't please them all, and that people who read books, I am sure have read worse. So Ima gonna work on this when I get the notion.  But now I have like, two inserts I want to write so ta ta for now.

Post Script Update jan 30th.  There is now a couple inserts in Chapter 17 and I am planing out inserts for chapters 3, between chapters 4 and 5, and also something in chapter 19 I think.  

I got to thinking about this slow and tedious "live novel idea". I mean many people take their whole lives to write their novel. they take classes and write and read a billion things to learn how to get that soul on the paper.  

  Yeah, its hard. 

And the great fear that, well, just nobody will get it. And like the millions of other would be artists; their novels become many old dusty pages stashed in the trunk deep in an attic.

 And anyway, since my blog is giving the guts of creation and the agony of planning into the mix. isn't this blog more like a....