Friday, October 26, 2007

I hope it is not too late a date for reply but my eyes where opened to a realization i had been thinking of. How, to an outsider their very god is the devil.

In olden days, all the gods where happy to live together, sharing temples, even stories, all a part of the Supreme Being.

Christians can't have that, neither can their god, neither can the Muslims and their god. Christians are to be confrontational or at least be a good myrter, And their god is the same way. With his son-self being a myrter for himself.

As i mused over Matthew's statements ..

IF i may wax existential... But isn't God just like Satan? The one who stood out and said "I shall ascend to the Most High?" The one who wasn't content being one of the many beautiful gods, yet not as glorious as the Supreme Being.

Naturally, Lucifer's followers would likely want to be the identity of a faithful and true believer. The "World" wants it's liberation, their Satan wants subjugation. If you want an Authoritative source for my thinking, watch history happen.

Places in the world that are untouched by Satan have rich histories, and developed natural sciences. Have medicinal secrets we would kill for today.of course, not all people are like this, as confrontational as they are allowed to be. I wasn't, but then nine times out of ten the god i tried to sell might have been the "false one", since if i fell away i was not actually saved, so hey i been right all along.

Yes Mathew continue the work against Satan himself! But don't kill me if i love Jesus sometimes, after all he did not ask to be born, but Satan said he had to, Paul needed an Christ to be the Antichrist of....IZM