Monday, March 12, 2007

What religion am i anyway?

Dear Reader,

I am the constant seeker of the living truth thing ...the farther i go the more we walk, learning. Yeah .alot of cool groups believe that, But i dont want to join their religions.

The trouble with people is notions of superiority because they have been in association with themselves for so long in their group, and want new people to meet merits and levels and pass cirtian tests of character and knowledge...and blah blah blah.

Am i rebellious?.yes perhaps i am. for people like me this is frustrating...i respect and admire and understand and will obey costomarilly but, come on guys......let me just tell you please the gosple according to me.........i have walked thru many deserts and i am so excited because now.......every where i would seek instruction of my Lord, he has already taught me in the desert.

but imagine one jumping up saying wow thats it. i knew that.............but do really you want me to email to this sing up list thingy and get some papers as a test for preist worthyness?

if i lived in the early years i gues i might have become a hermit, such is my irritation with formalities when the lord as i know him's truth is flowing and perfect....

Am i the bible says one can boast in the is not my righteousnes that has blessed me but submission to his.........understanding of truth.

Yet a few would keep trying to take my eyes of my christ and put it on the one they dont know. or they would try to convince me to let go of the imagination of god altogether and become godness or nothingness...i think thats bullshit.

my veiw is god is infiniate knowledge, i am infinite ignorance, i am created to be a resepticle of god's knowledge and to preceive it as we have enjoyment of each other. each of us are created to know god has we know him.


............. being a hermit would be a nice life, no one but the trees can understand what i mean.

... can you imagine being Jeremiah, or Ezekiel?......

imagine being a common stranger walking up on ezekiels hut, during the year he was in meditation and prophcy with the must have appeared BONKERS

Any way i am happy to learn my understandings have made me qualify for most religions......i am greatfull to their being and to have had the chance to see them.....

Many times in my walk i learn new things and exclaim to god, wow did YOU know that was in there!.....

And each new view i see of thus... same truth.... i dance around and yell at god asking him why he never showed that to me earlier it would have cleared up ALOT.......

They say that jesus was every man when he was on the cross.i say no he, was is wasssing everyman including me his whole life.......and because he suffered even to the depth of my evil and delusion, that he made a way so that every man ioncluding me whom he died for, to be able to, be is being with him as their relief and comfort from suffering.

see when i had my messiah complex, it dawned on me that even i cannot claim to be the christ or to self redeem..i can only be a witness of all truth bowing to christ and all lie bowing to self....christianity and mostly judism are the only religions/texts i have seen that have the "other " point of veiw of a living invisible one god. and the other paths are vey very seemingly oneish.....

.............their are demons posted upon every step in the way to heaven each more seems to be the living way..... i think humans make mistakes when they get a grand realisation that explains EVERYTHING! one fasite of eternal truth and run off trying to convert their minds to always reflect that one grand illusion....for god is limitless truth, he is precieved clearly by limitless cant conform your mind to one understanding cannot limit difintion of god by bloting them out with difintion for the non existance of the end who is being discussed?

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hello Reader,

A Zendo is a place where minds can meet and minds can find rest from meeting. It is a place where one may explore themselves and face their mental foes in this battlefield we call Mind and Life and Spirit. I am a Christian but my definition for my faith is not the common thing one sees in the humans and that have mutilated the meaning of Christ thru the centuries.

I aim for a place online there someone really cares about the way that YOU feel and understand, and a place to say thoughts, and also thoughts you hide from yourself. For the christian who feels helplessly challenged by what seems to be logic and also for atheists who cant seem to escape a few instances where they wonder what was it that touched them that way at that time. A place for people who have sought and found to express their journeys and a place for the ones who seek and find to glean some advice or a lesson.

I do not write by grammar, and i don't much care for formality... i abuse the ellipsis and will change "personality" at a drop of a comma.

Now, i don't expect anyone to give a rats ass about reading my mind and sure as hell don't expect to find evidence of intelligent life.... but like any human i want something left behind of me to signify that i was, and since my thoughts and conclusions about life thru the years is all i have learned and humans seem hopelessly boxed into themselves maybe my stuff can help anther and bring some finding of the saviour to the minds of any who are called.

I'd like a honest and godly chatroom someday, and whomever would post n my blog ought to be aware that i am seeking those who can express themselves at least two layers beyond their current emotional level, people who think deeply and want to find truth. The bible teaches that anyone who diligently seeks him ( IE to seek truth) will find him. And its layers,if they are the actual true truth, would permeate their whole life like living water

Id like to see a few find that within them. this is the blog's goal. It's format for the time being will be copies of post dated diary pages and the occasional fresh rant.

WARNING!... do not expect me to be conventional, or normal... do not try to talk some kind of sense into me. i am more than willing to discuss anything but i will discuss it form the point of view that ultimately all truth can be seen even thru the errors of things that can be proven and disproved....IE beyond the realm of what logic seems most convincingly right there is still the existence of both the myth and the truth....and before you ask me to explain what i mean try to ponder it.for to explain that to you would be to ponder if for you. IN life anything can be an expression of truth.........the bible merely says god is truth. i guess to find truth and know it completely rather than to settle into your ability to do what ever you want because the christian god might not be the one rather silly because we cant escape that there is TRUTH......HA.the fact that there's a one mentioned thru all time in all kinds of ways and that the myth repeats and the Bible repeats lessons too, is enough for me to think, well then if it is truth how can it be met and known?

but that's just me.

OK, hope eventually people will become my readers. be blessed in Christ,in so far as he has willingness to be blessed of yourself.