Sunday, October 19, 2008

What is Truth?

I want to make a movie. It will open with two people arguing the things of their latest intellectual conquest. We will call them Mr. Atheist and Mr. Christian.

Somehow they are put together in a survival situation. Let's say, a deserted island. At First the Atheist huffs and puffs...

Look what you're " GOOOOOOODDDDDDD did." Lets see if your fucking god can get us out of this one......what......whats this.your PRAYING!!!!!...........and he laughs himself into hysterics.

Then he calms down and starts raving again....

You go ahead and pray mister...i am gonna make a signal fire.

Mr. Christian gets up and helps gather the wood and they remember how to make fire, eventually.

When once the juices where flowing the story will go .....i could see this movie with them having various battles of wit about whether or not the man's prayer, lead to the result of their survival, or whether it was the logical action of the other man. And do forth and so on.

We will notice how serendipity seems to be in favor of the chrisitan sometimes.....such as he thinks of verses from the bible that grant him insight into problems they are both working on. And other situations where Mr. Atheist quotes a scientist and works out the next logical step.

They have many rousing conversations about whether or not god was playing both sides.

Then they would talk about morals.........

They decide certain things. Such as ....well they agree on the basic five commandments....yes the biblical ones such as man to man decency.

They decide that what the IDEA is in the bible is to attain merits of compassion and knowledge in peaceful ways. WE all pretend our god is omni-good because we would like to ultimately be Good.

of course, they agree that people also crave to be bad.

After arguing about other people's conclusions concerning the problem of evil, they agree that their is a certin reality that we cannot seem to not be bad. No matter how strong we wish we could be many times our desires, wants, and strong emotions get the better of us.

Mr. Chrisitan calls it sin; Mr. Atheist calls it ........ well i think, he doesn't want to call it anything.

Anyhow.... at the very end of the movie there would be a very possibly tragic exciting situation
and they dont know how to get out of it. One prays for god to tell him information, One calculates his surroundings , simultaneously they blurt out the answer.

(psst to the director...pan away and jsut use the voices ...the thoughts of the men. Make it the Atheist's voice praying. muwahh haa haaa haa)

They then realise that truth presents itself. If either side was following their truths to discover more truth and where seeking the better of themselves to promote, the result every time will be means to truth. Both sides would eventually and always arrive at correct action.

is it god? Does that even really matter?

For me it is the holy of holy gods, and it operates in many ways.

what matters is to arrive at truth, grow in our better reaction to the responsibility of knowledge.

If the atheist was right, then he expects the christian to naturally arrive at the truth of what he says. The Christian also thinks in such absolutes. But Correctness is fluid. God is consciousness.

He sure could make this world a sinless place if we would focus ourselves in that direction, regardless of silly intellectual and entertaining mind games we'd prefer to engage in.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They're Here

howdy humans,

(((this is a response in a thread about the October 14, 15, 16 possible Galactic Federation of Light Space Ship appearance. and or Project Blue Beam)))))

no i wasn't being sarcastic.

Just, i have a few opinions about this that may appear to be negative or skeptical. First off; the amount of people who are "believing" in this thing, I'll call the Big Love....many of them are still far removed from the simplicity of responding to life and think in terms of a thing to be had, gotten, lacking hither too. But which is merely ignored. Our minds always busy with "more important things". The Big Love unity thingamigger we have always craved and have already tried to bolster fervent hope for and have always even blatantly LIED to seemingly achieve was never farther form us than attention. Simple careful observation and responding in love to the moment of this life. How many butterflies crossed your car on the way home today? Did you care to notice the tone of your child's voice when he expressed himself? Not so much to plan on noticing this image your now holding in your mind called "life happening" but to hush and let life move you. Not with reckless abandon and certainly not with false hopes for a special arrival of Big Love.

It was never out of the limit of your perception, you simply have been ignoring it. And i don't mean for you to start imagining anything, but to notice and respond to the more important thing and love it. if you can, throw out any kind of negative thought for a space of time notice silence. notice and observe, life has rhythm, life itself no matter who you are has meaning unto yourself. each cloud you see, you see with your own eyes. But see....

This kind of message is not well received. the mind suddenly says what about law, what about evil? See , some times i wonder if even Big Love is able to help human kind. Does he have the power? The few good souls among ourselves are often the ridicule of our society. And many of us are merely reminiscing something wonder we seldom get to experience, and spent the rest of our time pursuing that someplace. But when we find it, remember that is was there just a Minute ago also. It is the time of life. Why you humans need aliens to teach you this stuff is pretty silly. The simple fact is , apparently human beings don't care about goodness honer, integrity, compassion, not murdering. If anything good comes from this false hope in Alien Saviours, let us take from it the understanding that we have the power over ourselves, and the intelligence to put good men as rulers, and to be self aware and thoughtful in our actions regardless of external help. But still, maybe we need a break in the cycle of our evil, an intervention. It would be nice if there come beings capable of correcting all of us.

I mean right this min a greasy American is buying the services of a three year old child. And our only available method for defending her is angry violence, because he simply realises that, that gut wrenching personal disgust for the person he allowed himself to become and the notion that it is a terrible and vile thing he likes to do, really has no power over him. But the guilt fear condemnation and shame clearly do have power over him. And he forgets, love and many other things.

therefore DOES BIG LOVE have the power to make us desire truth? What is our human response to thing we do not understand and ultimatums? typically fear and violence . And any kind of sighting will provoke the same. "Big love mandated" is a threat to the comforts of many.... it would take years of careful instruction just to get the human race to understand..or better still remember the enjoyment and respect for life, the worship and adoration of truth........the very words sound powerless and empty.

Listen to the crickets, they will tell you everything.
oh yeah and it could be the government...see you in the interment camps....To serve man ... and Big Love does not mean naivety, false hope, or blind allegiance.

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