Sunday, June 1, 2008

Totally Exittential, Dude. Part Two

Interview with "Sir Uber-mind" Aka My Psychosis Day two.

Izm- Well that was some interview we had earlier. But I am afraid you really didn't answer anything substasive.

James- Perhaps, the answeris not what your quesiton seeks.
You asked, why cant i jsut *poof* humanity good. You went over humanities blaming of *god*. And I, in turn blamed you. And now, you want to challenge me over jsut what your role is in the creation of your own state of being.

Izm- No, not really. I think I am observing thos whole right/wrong guilt/peace blame/praise thing. Suppose that Sir Rabid Atheist is asked by you, whose fault is the evil? They seem to have you trapped. You proportedly made all things.

James- And you as humanity make yourselves with what i made. We may individaully create and discover creation together. Even by yourselves, my systems contain me with or without form. Seek to remove delusion and seek truth, i am there.

Izm- So you are intangible. Someone once asked, 'isn't saying that you dont belive in god Because there is no proof for god, and argument form ignorance falacy?'

James- Who dictated that *I* must conform to human logic? How deep does His Logic go? If I am then i would always be just beyond out grandest logicial and emotional bliss. Else you would all be done existing. the end of questions is the end of knowledge about life and how it words and also about your minds and how they work...i am in them even if an object to ignore or reclassify.

Izm- Sir, but you must. So they say. Because maybe, our limitations Our inability to perform your ideal actions.... kindness, integrity, intention, lvoe, joy, peace. etc etc. we need yout to precent a method that we may all agree on. Because rigid systems dont work we all interpret truth differently. And clearly you cannot explain yourself logically... therefore No religion is true. And the notion of *you* ought to be dropped.

This is a valid atheist arguement ( if i been studying well). But WHy didnt you jsut tell us the *truth* in a mannor we could test and believe?

James- *rolls my eyes* Test and Believe. how do i tell you the truth? in as many ways as i can. Metaphore, sciences, histories, Mathes, Philosphies, poems, experiecnes, movies even..... Imagination.
I allow you to employ all these characteristics to inhance your life. Yet instead of living well you apply your minds to other things.

Do i not have a right to complain, sometimes?
Have i no feelings, who art created in thine image?
If you crucify me, do i not bleed for you?

*izm - it appears that god is alittle verklempt at the moment. i get up and bring him a glass of cold water.*

Izm- Sir, ya know. These are jsut hypothetical questions. I mean in relaity you dont *exist* right?

James- I guess so. At least this particular expression of *myself* is delusion.

Izm- So, you content that it is humanities fault? As a whole, and in groups, that we missapropriate *your* goods?

James- yes

Izm- See, neither you nor the humansas a whole, by groups , and in leadership, are willing to accept blame. One must either conceed or stalemate. Wouldn't it be cool if there was such a religion where god conceeds at the very least to share the burden of th epain accociated iwth the choises humans have made? Oh! There is such a religion. Well why dont they just blossom in awareness of you, Lord?

James- My child, they really dont give a rats ass damned about getting to know *me*. These rabid atheist-types on down to the most religious strive, it seems to discredit *me*, corecction to discredit one of my *religions*, and presumen by default that they have eliminated *me*. Because many go no deeper than immediate logical life.

and yet.....

Izm- There is that blame game cycle agian. Let's change gers, shall we?

James- cirtianly.

Izm- You mentioned ' our role in our states of being' What are they?

James- You must be where you are and fine your correct step. The Harmony. That is to seek right veiw. Right correct beingness. Like when you dance, Justine.

Izm- Yes. But doing such is not easy nor does it seem that jow schmo on 86th street even can attain *it*.

James- For Joe, this state might be sharp mental skills, and a good aim. Cunning. ect. He will attain those things to meet his ends. He too will have had to learn to cut out lessor distractions to attain his survial and cunning. People tend to become what they want to be if they are motivated enough.

Izm- This is an explaination of, you explaining yourself accordingly.

James- Yes.

Izm- I want to be both sane and to worship you.

James- simply dance your life, enjoy your life, enjoy *god* and enjoy others.

Izm- sometimes i do, presious are those prayers.

James- So, you chose to remain delusional?

Izm- Aren't we all? You know me, i dont think we ought to govern ourselves so strictly. Every part of our lives seem to be accounted for. But i can only speak for America.

James- What do you want for America? What is your wildest to your most rational desire for your homeland?

Izm- Wildest? That somehow the economy could be like it was in the fifties sorta. Like cars can be 3000 dollars and bread 35 cents again. And we still made the money we make today. That or if we could Raise the minimum wage to 8 dollars.

That our *innocents* would return, but differently for real. With acception of people for who they are. Wether Gay, or of color, or politcially correct...... or Powerfull or Religious. Let people be free.
Like Our fathers and gradnfathers died believing in, hopeing to give us a chance to become.
We fancy ourselves noble amoung races, we the meltign pot of the world's ideals and quests for Freedom. One Land... One People.

I want the American Dream but more so the notion that we could along wiht the rest of the world advance beyond debts and old memories and cunning vendettas and politics and worked to promote the good, the humane and themost wealthy freedom.

Our right as human beings to the conciderate and peacefull means to our personal purcuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

James- May you never be counted unpatriotic. *gag* That is a pipe dream, child. Not enough Nostalgic voices out there in blogland.

Izm- Well, i guess, less the wildest. i want the *other shoe to drop*...or revolution.

James- Ye all expect badness and you conive against one another to secure your own safty that it makes your outcome a foegone conclusion. Go ahead, i dare you to snap too, repent, and live the dream. But your natures are vile.

Izm- But some of our natures are evolving.

James- They will move on. Why dont you's put them into leadership? That might aid the process of evolving your civilisation.

Izm- Why cant they change the world?

James- No one listens. They test to belive. There is plenty peace if you jsut dont bother others who are happy. IN close human groups certian behaviour laws develop this is natural. This is cultures. Most of them baised on simple politeness and respect. IN the *wild* a person walks their own way. Still he can behave and interact well if he is a considerate person.

You people try to control way to much. And gain too much from it also. People have no real happiness nor delight in paying bills and feeling secure and wathcing their lives grow.

Simple living their religion, not their theology, not their arguements but a path of understanding for themselves according to themselves. ((of course some religions suggest oen cant find their mind by useing their minds to seek one cannot see their own eyes.))

Opps i contradicted myself again i must be non-existant.

Izm- Well sir, some people woudl call this whole thing a 'doctrine of a demon'. SHouldn't we Pick as *god* and Worship *him* alone?

James- Please Do. Just let other people alone about their choises.