Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keshathra Part 1, Chapter Twelve

**** George***

The white cloth mocks me, it began this morning while I was shaving. It announced, "who not just leave it off?"

The Reformer already left, and took Diana with her, and Jerry was REALLY interested in repairing his breaks, he had his car up on ramps digging into one project or another for the entire week. But mostly avoiding company. And I had a list of items, and a permission note to purchase in Mistress Carol's name.

Honestly no one would know. I mean..

Here it was like family, part of the scene. No one bothers me about it, I feel different, observing has been educational. But when I go into town I will be ... the observed. Now, Kehsharthians aren't strange about public displays of discipline. And besides, maybe the fact that I am serving Carol will gain me sympathy.

The air really feels good on my cheek, and a nervous tingle rises in my stomach. My eyes drift through my window to the garage doors where the reformer showed me her collection. There were pristine models of two rare cars. One was a blue and white 1957 Farelane and a jet grey 1969 StingRay. When asked to chose I had barely time to blink when the ray keys and the list where put in my hand.

The reformer didn't let even a twinkle belay her knowledge that the skin under this cloth started to sweat. One in a life time opportunity to drive this super cool chick magnet.........but........well under not so proud conditions. Think about having to communicate with the clerks.... I mean.....

It really serves no practical purpose to ware this thing.

I mused over other troubling things while I dressed. The reformer subtly remarked the we had grown complacent. And she spent the evening with that deep thought look... Shudders.

Deep thought look.... she doesn't move, once we ...well she sat still for almost three hours. We HAD to....in the interest of science..er health. I noticed first..and shook my hands for their attention and hushness. Jerry shrugged that he was already aware and Diana got panicky, she didn't know what we where talking about. But I showed her, Reformer was not breathing.

Diana jutted her hands to her hips. Jerry was about to laugh out. Diana made jesters trying to explain Reformer was sleeping. To prove my point I signaled time out and got a hand mirror........and damned skippy, she didn't breath while I held it there. Then the reformer asked me if she's alive and a good time was had by all.

No notice of any white cloth....that mocked me again....

I combed my hair and with quivering tied the trap into place, if I was going to lose this game it would certainly not be for simple disobedience.

But, your not a citizen, ..........and my eyelids become heavy, and I firmly looked at my reflection but by god I am Keshathrian. My manhood and I shared an emotionally turbulent endless drive into town.

I had been determined to at least enjoy the drive in, when that was over I parked and looked forward to the drive back. This was just a thing, a common possibility. All I have to do is follow orders, be humble and respectable. A Lady sternly gilded the amused chirp of her youngster as I walked by. My shame made a knot in my solar plexus, but I kept to my objective, walking straight to the clerk and offering him the notes.

He studied them. "So your a ward of Carol's eh? Might have known. So what cha in for..." the clerk amused him self...I patiently sighed "no no Don't tell me!" And some eavesdroppers began to huddle. I heard them huddle. The clerk gave me directions to the location of the items and noting the car in front he offered to arrange delivery before evening.

I learned stealthily that because of Carol's reputation in this town, I was afforded no sympathy. That just blows my whole schism ya know.

One person whispered ' i wonder what he's in trouble for' and mentioned....Carol once had a murderer in her reform. Others discussed Carol's success rate. Some mocked and postulated my possible sins. Was I a bad lawyer one asked a random huddler.

When the ordeal was over I wanted to die, I begged the sky for a nice drive home. But.

I adjusted the mirrors carefully, I looked all directions. There was a person waiting on my spot, he drove a Dark blue sedan and looked impatient. I took my eyes off the mirrors and put the car into gear. And drove a jet grey streak the length if his rear quarter panel. I was mortified, I couldn't move for several minuets after he got out of his car and was screaming at my window, drawing a crowd.

I remembered my reformee protocols as if by instinct, I lowered my head and motioned for permission to get out of the car. The store clerk explained to the man that i was not permitted to speak. But the man wasn't having it, he demanded to hear why I wasn't paying attention. And who's going to pay for the damages. I protested by emphatic no gestures and pointing to imply that it was him at fault.

This only raised his ire. He began to promise that I'd be his handy-man for six months. The Store clerk had been huddling and he approached the irate man cautiously. " Sir, we think the matter is not so simple, permit the boy to exchange information and settle it with his Mistress later." Reason flickered absently by him as he turned to look at the damage to his car. He was quacking in his rage, and blew up at me again, this time ranting about my being a prisoner. But the store clerk wasn't listening. He walked over to me and offered to call Carol for me.

After explaining the situation to her he handed the the phone to me. " Shh, you are doing very well George now put the other man on this phone!"

I must say I really did enjoy watching his face turn pale as he muttered the occasional yes, well i... no no... i just....yes Ma'am." and hung up the phone.

He looked at me a long moment "It has come to my attention, George that the accident may be my fault as well. I didn't signal that I going to take a different spot before I accelerated. And that's when we collided. To apologise for the way I disregarded you, if you agree I will cover half your expenses by instalment. Or take it to Carol to discern." He offered his hand, I scanned myself for fault and finding I had not checked the mirror before I accelerated, and I politely accepted it.

The drive home was triumphant, the sound system intoxicating, the detours lengthy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keshathra Part 1, Chapter Eleven


I had been feeling lonely since Mistress put the "gag order" on George. It's been nearly a month. Diana has been really testy lately, pissing and moaning and taking her sweet time with her room project. Thing is Mistress isn't like a drill sargent she doesnt pressure at all, just interacts when diana starts freaking out. "being rude" Mistress calls is.

Lets see so far we learned Msitress doesn't like rudeness, vows, curses, stubborness, rebellion, self pitty, self doubt, and ummm lieing. But we cant be too sure about that because lies tell the truth. So i am mentally challenged make no mistake. But I see another person in or better stated not in her eyes. She spends many hours alone in her room, and really only talks when spoken to. Shes elegant. But as George always said..never fuck with the ones that carry whips.

Gawd I miss talking with him. I hate this silence treatment. And I feel as if I need to escape. and so I did. I dont know how I did it but I escaped today. Mistress had gone to work and I was agaitated and wanted pot. Needed it. I know it might be against the rules...but she did, didn't say I could not ..the only conversation we had about pot was ....'if i needed a lesson in addiction managment she'd be on call.' and it's been eating away at me.

Diana caught me as I was standing by the phone." What do you want to talk to Her for?" I incredulously blew her off. "Have you ever tried to call out?" Diana nodded yes ." Have you ever wanted to reach another line?" I asked curiously. George sounded off with a sarcastic applause and half of a mock 'proud father' face. I laughed, and watched Diana process the moment. "Yeah but what will you say when it dials Madam? Ahh haaa cant get past that. Umm Wrong number mistress I meant to report you for abuse instead?" and she laughed herself to her room.
I stayed there reaching for the phone and drawing an empty sweaty palm back to my chin, and paceing. George finally got tired of me not doing it that he went back about his work.

Finially I steeled my gut and dialed my dope man Steve, gave him directions to the convience store and met him there.

Why did she plant that temptation? I was happy How dare she mess up what i built up? I wont ask her outright, George might've but not me. Then I remembered my guilt. Master Rob would have been dissapointed, but I feel so good right now. How could he disapprove? It isnt Illeagle, but technically it is to me as a reformee, so.....I broke the law...

And with these musings in progress is left my room and joined the others. There was a comedy show on called "are you happyier now". I was really paying attention to the dialouge in the show because it triggered things I was museing. George was intencely interested as well. Diana was grumbling at her knitting but there where some jokes she reacted to.

I started laughing....

" Something different on your mind Jerry?" Mistress asked while flipping channels.
"It's just that we are all very interested in this show, and it's dumb."
"The show is what ever you make of it." Then she stopped clicking and I heared the television say . "confess...you know you love choclate,....." and I sat back just watching mindlessly.

This house was wicked strange, strange things always occured, strange coincidences. I finally went to bed, exhaused.

**** George****
Today i was given the privilidge to drive. Let's just say WHAT........
I cant imagine what I did to earn it ... and I am not so sure it is a good thing. I mean I have been following her instructions, I have been observing and all that farkin jazz. Ohhhh, *writes the blind mute*
Humilliation. Tis the season for punishment without reason. Stupid reformers! Tricks are for kids.
and I float to sleep dreaming plots senerieos.

*and she kills them all and eats them for dinner.*

Author's public note...dang first person perspective is hard...think i'll switch to omnitient for a while BBL hopefully with plot movement and discription perspective. learning as I go.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So it is

my blog is now a ruin.

yes i had bloged under this title but then i became much ashamed (available for the right reader who makes human contact)
i hope i'm not alone yet.
if i ever find happy again, ill get around to my novel.

no one