Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hindu version of the signs of the time

The king makes the age (Krita-yuga ,Treta-yuga, Dwapara-yuga , Kali-yuga "our current age")

""" From the MahabharataSanti Parva, section LXIX.Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli

Bhishma said: Whether it is the king that makes the age, or it is the age that makes the king, is a question about which you should not entertain any doubt. The truth is that the king makes the age.

When the king rules with a complete and strict reliance on the science of chastisement, the foremost of ages called Krita is then said to set in. Righteousness sets in the Krita age. Nothing of unrighteousness exists then.

The hearts of men belonging to all the four orders do not take any pleasure in unrighteousness. Without doubt, all men succeed in acquiring the objects they desire and preserving those that have been acquired. All the Vedic rites become productive of merit. All the seasons become delightful and free from evil. The voice, pronunciation, and minds of all men become clear and cheerful. Diseases disappear and all men become long-lived. Wives do not become widows, and no person becomes a miser. The earth yields crops without being tilled, and herbs and plants grow in luxuriance. Barks, leaves, fruits and roots become vigorous and abundant.

No unrighteousness is seen. Nothing but righteousness exists. Know these to be the characteristics of the Krita age.

When the king relies upon only three of the four parts of the science of chastisement leaving out a fourth, the age called Treta sets in. A fourth part of unrighteousness follows in the train of such observance (of the great science of chastisement) by three-fourths.

The earth yields crops but waits for tillage. The herbs and plants grow(depending upon tillage).

When the king observes the great science of chastisement by only a half, then the age that sets in is called Dwapara. A moiety of unrighteousness follows in the train of such observance of the great science by half. The earth requires tillage and yields crops by half.

When the king, abandoning the great science of chastisement totally, oppresses his subjects by evil means of diverse kinds, the age that sets in is called Kali.

During the age called Kali, unrighteousness becomes full and nothing of righteousness is seen. The hearts of men, of all the four orders (Brahman,Kshatriya,Vaishya,Sudra), fall away from their respective duties. Sudras live by abandoning lives of mendicancy, and Brahmanas live by serving others.

Men fail to acquire the objects they desire and preserve those already acquired. Intermixture of the four orders takes place. Vedic rites fail to produce fruits. All the seasons cease to be delightful and become fraught with evil. The voice, pronunciation, and minds of men lose vigour. Diseases appear and men die prematurely. Wives become widows and many cruel men are seen. The clouds do not pour seasonably, and crops fail.

Listen to me , the great blessedness of the science of chastisement, in sacred words of great import. The science of chastisement forces all men to the observance of the duties of their respective orders. Duly administered, it forces people to virtuous acts. When the four orders (Brahman,Kshtriya,Vaishya,Sudra) attend to their respective duties, when all wholesome barriers are maintained, when peace and happiness are made to flow , when the people become freed from all fear, and the three higher orders endeavour, according to their respective duties to maintain harmony, know that people become truly happy at such times.

The science of chastisement, which establishes all men in the observance of their respective duties, which is the groundwork of all wholesome distinctions, and which truly upholds the world and sets it a going, if properly administered, protects all people like the mother and the father protecting their children. Know,O bull among men, that the very lives of creatures depend upon it.

The highest merit a king can acquire is acquaintance with the science of chastisement and administering it properly. Therefore, O thou of Kuru's race, protect thy subjects righteously with the aid of that great science of chastisement. By protecting the subjects and adopting such a conduct, thou wilt surely attain to such blessedness in heaven as is difficult of acquisition."""

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2012 and the trouble with some atheists.

it pains me to say it but....

you just cant reason with some atheists.

Does that mean they are not following their faith very well?

Hello Readers,

yeah i finially thought of stuff to say. And as Usaul had no one to say them too. But after much deliberation and prayer, i understand that i cannot be atheist because i am not atheist. And i am most confused when i try to not believe the things i experience and touch and taste and feel........

If i where to become atheist i would logically have to commit myself. AM i rejecting truth?

No. And many of you people know that. But the Touble with atheists is that they are not truely deconverted. Not untill they have dumped all their understanding and learned and evaluated all the rest in the world also.

They cannot denounce all religions as christianity does, and believe in one less god than christianity does nor continue to live as an Ex-Christian which is a shadow twin of their former selves.

They have not deconverted from the things they learned in chrisianity about the other religions. For most the only way they can concider what the other faith means is to compare it to their now desparately warped take on the bible.

That is not intellectaul honesty

Not in my book.

I myself could not make a denouncement of the soundness of atheism until AFTER i could clearly see and understand their point of veiw. And neither can they denounce all faith as bullshit unless the have studied with sincere seeking and applied practices to their lives.

A typical Atheist touts his logic and reason with the same wild throws as the christian touts his verses.

He say they are his sheild and buckler.......but dont know how to skill fully use them........they dont even realise, many of them, that they are guilty of the same thing they accuse christians of. YOU CANNOT have a reasonable conversation or debate by repeating ........god is bullshit, god is bullshit , no evidence , no evidence ............

Why do you presume a thing like GOD, which is beyond defineable concepts, is like an asshole, every human has defined god his own way. ....anyhow why do you presumne an evidence could be given to you in mere words...or such an exchange as YOU deal out to the weakly reaoned soul?

You barade them with silly questions like.......if you belive the bible then your saying the world is flat and god approves of slavery.

and you leave only that narrow veiw open for discussion.

Your not willing to take a look at things spiritaul or a person's veiw. Instead IT is all catagorised.

sure much of what people say is bullshit. but much can be understood by entertaining a thought.

you put the same blocks in your mind now to avoid spiritaulism as you did as a chrisitan to avoid the devil. Where is your freedom?

You are just as human as the fundy you dispise. Becasue face it , when you deconverted can you honestly say that you knew anything of how to pursue god? Did you church teach you anyhting spiritual usefull? do you think the church was the only religion that could and if they failed so did all the rest? Did you even go on to try....no you folded. You sucumm to the perseuacive reason that it is all bullshit.

Funny how such a mindset is as afraid to check things out and be sure as your pre-converted minds where when they crawled out of the first blindness.

I see the typical atheist mindset to be in the vrey same redicoulous catagory as they see the typical christian mindset.

A buddhist veiw on faith and life are so different from anything they smugly debunk and takes more than a few years of devotion (um that means great concideration and observation) to begin to get a clue. But MAN what a new world opens up.

A Yogi veiw is oneness with time itself, and Answers and Evidence beyond mental containment, yet you think you can be persueded by picture or a conversation with god himself. Yet you say non falsifibility is a bad thing. (doesnt it seem that to be not falsifiable is somethign that would then have bo somethign that is true but not proovable?)

HA you make a Yogi laugh.......to think SHIVA himself cant figure out the truth of life..


I am sure few Buddhas are digging on that joke too.

unless you have fully known all you can know, you cant say you deconverted form anything, you merely changed company and went on your way grooveing in the moment and stuff.

OK...maybe that was a very broad and unfair statement.....you are right..

I had a particular person in mind when i was thinking that stuff.

threw my whole argument off.

dang nabit.

it is all good anyway....i spoke my peace i think.

Now about......Dec 21 2012.

Well i have been gathering info and gauging public consciousness on it. Not many are interested. Most consider this like all the rest of humanities fantasies of the end of the world as we know it, a hollow nothing.

I want very badly to believe in my personal version of the whoo hoo ness. But The fact that they are right about the past gives my faith pause. This is very much to me like a trial. All the old thinking begins to enter. (just like the bible says man....men will say all things have continued like this since our fore fathers)....(to be atheist you have to denounce any link to buybull references and reasoning)

Iam sure a typical atheist would start chanting bullshit bullshit bullshit about now and take pill to shut up his brain.

I think whether it is pole shift and death of most of humanity, Or cosmic woohooness, i pray we build something new and better and biased on higher ideals. I don't care if the new civilisation is atheist or natural earthy religion. But that they are less greedy and wiser in government.

It might be nice to see it take root and be a part of the future. But i only want to life long if the system can/does change.

erm..change for the good and noble.

bullshit bullshit bullshit.

from a christian-like perspective, these seem like times when the line between good and evil is hard to distinguish. There are very few real seekers. ( oops i am preforming the no true scotts man fallacy again) sheesh......(is that not tantamount to saying nener nener poo poo stick your head in doo doo)

But LOOK............there aren't very many altruistic people. And their are NONE who are in leadership. there is not over whelming honesty and seeking for holiness ect ect. We dont even understand that language anymore.

It is dead

the church is dead folks.

your religion will never recover ........

a new one is taking form as we speak ya know.........denomionaltionalism is out.

the bible said it would. He said he sends a strong delusion. If you wish to believe this is the end time you are waiting for your rapture...then you must also understand that the strong delusion is NOW also..........how convinced are you of your current religion and practice?

Intellectaull honesty, even if it shows you painfull things, has a reason.

Yes there is a state of mind that clearly understands...........or that is what has had a fleeting moment of epiphany ......called.....*there is no god at all* BUT

that is not the end of that realisation

people GIVE UP at that fleeting glance.

they stop thinking any deeper. that is a mistake.

Soon they forget how, and think themselves the better off for it.

who knows, maybe they are better off anyhow.

He who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

My sorrow is that i am realising i cant get anyone to concider themselves wrong or curious enough to have a conversation that might develop into a realisation of god for themselves. ( the single only evidence i could hope to offer)

i cant enlighten anyone.much less the world.........

sucks being both nuts and humble.

I have been concidering giveing up people. Ya know in some weird way....if Christ came to die to save people...........to prevent the judgement of god to make a way for salvation.........then before god could exicute his judgement anyway would be for Christ to give us over to him for punishment.

You christians ought to be pissing in your pants over that.

Does christ betray his friend as he was betrayed? some twisted soul could spin a theological yarn that says it is possible. The bible being so liberal in interpretation.