Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year

A better year.

I feel fortunate to beable to have quality time on new years eve.
For christmas i bought myself the V first season. And am excited about jan 4's premier.

I have filled out an application for college. There is a cirtian matter i wish to discuss outloud concerning a "tudor" i have not mustered the balls to ask critical or bisiness questions....i wonder paranoidedly...

and need to get my space organised. see many things have happened lately.

I had an affair for about four times over six weeks. An outrageous one by my ex's estimation, not only was he a "bum with no car" he was a BLACK bum with no car.....oh gawd, he thought he showed me better in life.and *puts on dumb man ranging voice* i am a total jerk to you now and only ......
****alter selfs****
*rambleing now....sorry.*
I would not suggest letting that happen again. Type freely or you can't do this.
*** Justine.***

*snickers.......i am trying differnt stuff out to improve my ability to write kehshathria. Need to try to play my game ...characterize myself and also be the real me.....

***real me***

haaa that reminds me of a thing i can put up it is a thing called "identiy"

and i am staring now to see my new me. if you will i can present it as fiction but conveiy the emotion...otherwise i am afraid i would sound like a nut that talks to herself. and worse if i try to explain. If i am schizoid, fractured what ever... i enjoy my life. and i harm none...and if i do...i seek amends.

****alter self***

justine....i belive you avoided the topic entirely...who are you justifying yourself to?

me....the scarey them guys.
*alterself sighs as if to start a very worn lecture*...stop talking to other and be.

*** justine again*...

hum i bet that style of writeing would be too confusing for the reader...anyone agree? But i w....oh i am so not ready to blog yet...bbl. oh and happy new year....

*sips more mojito..seriouslly...minty beer....*

we three us's