Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kehshathria Chapter Twenty-Seven



                            Tuesday Morning the note read " Try again today and if George walks down those stairs he is to strip to his underwear."  And I waited to see what was going to happen, and cooked breakfast.


                           I pondered all night over leaving a flaw. I am not sure why, perhaps it was to avoid thinking about......I am not reformed but close.  How would she know really any way? But I settle myself on the value of her integrity.  I mean she has a point or two about the types of people I will be dealing with. The types of situations. 

                        Imagine, going into into a Reformer's home and suppose I have a mock up that I am a stuttering manic depressive  35 year old, whose crime was aggravated assault of an officer during a bungled armed robbery. Whamo, three years time.   I will have to be that person, at least until I secured evidence of  abuse or incompetence.

                       Or if the home investigation reveals no malpractice after a certain time frame unknown to myself the state will send for a transfer.  Which sometimes happens for varying reasons that do not concern the reformer.   I will have to study personality profiles and confrontational techniques.  I begin to drool over the possibilities to save the day.  But of course I most likely won't be going to homes like Carol's.  It will be homes like MsT. And worse homes. Homes of conniving bastards.  Where if I break I may die. 

                       If I ever act out of character with even the fellow prisoner, I would be found out.  there could be no slips, no flaws.  She's right it is time to be more serious, cause frankly MsT was child's play.  * I grin to myself*

                    And so what's this shit now? My head can't be above her knee?  She thinks going hard core is gonna break me. I been to Rob's house, I can do hard core.   I raise up to get dressed for today, and walk down the back stairs to the kitchen.

                    Greeted with snickers from Diana.

                    "No fucking way." I protest, slamming my knee into the table as I scooted my chair in to eat. 
                    " Don't be an idiot, you know that will get you no where fast."
                    " I don't care."  And I told everyone to shut up and let me just regroup myself.
                    " Gawd knows it George, just do it no big deal. Don't make her take TV again tonight." D whined in my general direction. "Fuck your TV, D" I bit my tongue as I spoke. " I am not going around in my underwear,  god be begged, I have to mow the lawn today! What, on my hands and knees too?  What the....freak!"
                  " He's got a point Diana with that image in our heads, who needs TV tonight?" Jerry mocked.   But in the end learning the lesson seemed better to me than going to chamber. 

                             *** Jerry***

                       Diana played the 'do my normal work', card, but made notice of the flaws. Some where inside the item, like the bread was stale, that we had for toast. And others where missed details like she didn't sweep the corner of the floor as well as the rest. Diana didn't go about on purpose to make flaws she just looked for the natural ones.  George's work was hideous.  He was scuffed and bug mauled, sore and the lawn was a patchwork of errors.

                     And I just went haphazardly about, nearly artistically , I left a creases undone in the curtains,  I actually did forget to dust the Chandler, and I left the books on the shelves nonuniform and dusted them without taking them of the shelf.  I knew I might not be quite right, but I also knew that resting on my job was not an option.  And I hated it.  I could spot the screw ups instantly.  Like big sore thumbs mocking me. Just before her arrival I found myself gently correcting the flaws, or moving them around... 'No,  not this book but let's tilt the light shade instead.'   We lined up in the foyer, George on hands and knees waiting, he had also cleaned himself up.

                   The car's engine purred to a halt out side. She entered.  She asked Diana to show her what she had done. And remarked that this was good.  In the dinning room,  she told me to work on it.  Just that much information but  to George  she had more to say in the living room.

                  " George do I possess my knees at all times? Silly question I know, but I just  can't think of any good reason you would start your day in disobedience, except that you forgot that I had knees all of the time.  They are approximately 2 feet from the floor.  George, how high is the bath tub?  Do you begin to see where this is leading young man? Speak your mind." And she paused. Georges red face hanging between his shoulders, he rested himself back on his calves, and propt his head up on his bended arms. 

                  " Yes Reformer. But in my defence I did assume you meant only in your presence."
                  " Are you being genuinely dense, or awe struck? That is not a defence. If the others chose to leave the room they may return in 30 minits, George retrieve the twase and bring it to me. You will have one more day to practice simple obedience."

                  But we didn't leave. I was detached.  Mistress turned on the TV an  Diana said that she felt she shouldn't have to leave, she was all wound up in yarn and tough do do for him. I smirked.

                 In the pit of my stomach I was simply morbidly curious about seeing him take it, but I couldn't really bring myself to look at him. Each strike seemed to release my anger toward him. 

               I was  13 when we met. I was a geek Gia's child wanna be. Yeah I saved the bird, His uncle gave me a lift home and George asked me about myself.  I was into nature and science, wanted to be a teacher.  He told me that he didn't know what he wanted to do yet, he liked doing odd jobs.  We found out we where going to have school together, and he started hanging out.  He taught me card games, and alittle sports, and auto work.   Over the next few summers we where trying to start up little summer businesses.  We went around doing yard work the first summer, he did all the wheeling and dealing, and I ended up with most of the detailing. He's sometimes try little scams and I had to play along.  He introduced me to pot.  Told me it would connect me with Gia, ... told me..  lies.

               And I sympathetically flinch with satisfaction.  After his ordeal he was told to not be disruptive, and join us for television.  She had better not see any kind of reaction of defiance, she warned. 

and there passed evening, and there was pensive meandering, it had been Tuesday.




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