Monday, August 6, 2012

Kehshathria Chapter Thirty


                              Thursday went by in a sullen mood.  The air was dead. Diana worried about if George was  going to sell her out. She kept with the meditation orders, didn't clean that corner, didn't clean the coffee pot and so forth.  George seemed to have a grip on his situation, and pretended that this was a normal day. And it was, except the  air was void of connection between each of us.   Mistress was again off before dawn.

                           I lingered over my breakfast this morning, and I maintained the flaws I had systematically set  during each day of the week.  George, now finally able to stand was catching a bit of fates hell trying to maintain the lawn.  He was grumbly, then mute most often in deep thought. And I let him go again with a deep exhale. As I did, I noticed that I had just finished dusting the chandelier.  I was three steps away when I cursed about it. Well consider that my flaw of the day Mistress. I chuckle to myself and go about my work.

                         When she inspected all was good, but she said to me "Jerry one of your flaws is missing." I replied "It was always there I just forgot Mistress." and she smiled at me and laid her hand on my shoulder and said "Well done, now serve the dinner." 

                         "Mistress, I am starting to wonder if you are trying to leave us.  You haven't eaten breakfast with us all week.  Things aren't the same."    We tried to engage her in chat but she simply said she was preparing an event at the school, some visiting dignitaries.  There was also a new class of Reform Students that needed accommodations planed for.  She did look exhausted. 

                        We ate in relative silence, we cleaned up, we watched alittle T.V.   At some point it was like the air turned back on. I saw MsC, suddenly look at D, and then to G.  During commercial she paused the TV.  " I have just thought of a game, George. I have found an opportunity to give you a training exercise.  And Diana you will be involved too.  I have a riddle to solve.
                        " The trouble with mental telepathy is that I can only hear distressed thought, lucid thought and questions. The only place your thoughts are absolutely private is in your bedrooms, by design of Peter.  I don't hear day dreams, or reasoning, or worry. That should be alittle help full tid bit you might consider for the game. "  They glance at each other, and assume defencive postures while MsC continued.
                     " You might well wonder what  I have been hearing.  Just a moment ago, I heard Diana think. "what if he tells."   And I am saying Don't tell. Please don't tell. If you do the consequences will backfire both ways.  You see George has to learn he will not have the advantage to manipulate you,  and you need deal with yourself.  George  you have a secret, and you must protect it, I want that secret from you, but it will cost you double what ever is justice for Diana. And I am about to unleash hell upon you , that will not let up until you confess.   Diana if you confess, he gets half of what is justice for you, and you get to join him in hell.   I do not tolerate snitching, and bully games."

               George's eyes dart back and forth and he intelligently asked, ' and if no one confesses Reformer?"  And she replied. " That seldom happens. But then Diana can consider herself forgiven. So that she has an interest in you not telling. Try pondering the possible backfires a while longer, boy."

                Our evening passed more slowly and no retreat was given to either one to retire early. This ordeal I thought was particularly evil but I kept my mouth shut, I mean if D did something wrong then MsC can handle it any, but to use it against G for trying to use it against her, was it so wrong in a good way or just wrong? 
                Then there was Friday. The morning quiet, the Mistress gone early,  the other two up and alert with me which was practically to the reverberation of MsC's baracuuda peeling out.
At some point D asked G what was was gonna do;  and he told her try putting it out of her mind. He went on explaining how there is no trouble at all for her. MsC turned it all around on him. She protested that was only if he could take it.  G winked at her and said you have nothing to worry about tonight D, I really shouldn't have tried it anyway. I was just pissed off, but not anymore.
"You where going to use me?" she asked stunned. He ruefully nodded.  "I thought I would be able to solicit you for help with my work. Heaven knows why I am telling you this except, that I am not going to do that anymore. I don't want to see you get punished for  I am sorry, Diana."  Then she smiled slightly and we ate in acquaintanceship. 

               The list was the same. We went about our details. D and G maintained the set standard of the week. I felt differently, so I did nothing but polish a decorative plate from the dinning room, and lounge around. Come inspection time MsC said everything was good with them but she pointed out my perfect plate. I picked it up and told her " No Mistress, it was not flawless until you looked at it. Now..." and I dropped it.  She grinned at me with her eyes sparkling, and said "Sir, you are invited to my den.  You two serve dinner while we're out.

             Her den was dark oak panelling and wood furniture inter mediated by a double picture window,  a deep green rug,  a red desk blotter set, a high backed executive desk chair, and two low backed coordinated pieces in front of the L-Model executive office desk.  There where many law books and manuals, and general curriculum books lining the shelves, and there was the old slate grey filing cabinet.
             She pulled my file out of the cabinet, and my stomach trimmered, she made an entry then spoke. " Jerry you are released today. Tomorrow I will have your transport arrangements organised and have this officiated. "  "May I speak?"  I timidly asked, she smiled "Of course you may, Jerry."   I continued, telling her about my plan to go to the local school. "Would I be able to stay here a while till I get my self set up?"
             "It is somewhat unprecedented but I can serve as a half way point. But you will not be permitted to interfere with the others. You are a free-man, things change. If you feel the need to talk with me about anything that concerns them you must ask to conference in the den. You may have general conversation but you may not advise them. It would a professional courtesy. I will have the funds allotted for your travel and start up allotment converted to you tomorrow afternoon.  You can apply it to the school you choose." And she blushed at me, apologising for still giving orders she shook my hand and we went into the dinning room together. 
            D and G kneel and stand and Mistress...I mean Carol announces my parole, and as a free-man they where to kneel to me when I enter a room where they are an no other time. They would not speak to me, unless it was service related.
           And we ate, I was a guest and when I did settle to sleep I intended to get started in the morning, learning what being free for myself was gonna be about.





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  1. Hey there, readers, It is time for a pause, my writers block is setteling in and trying to get these 10 chapters out was something like giving birth. My school studies suffered, my social obligations stuffed into the closet of things less important than having this book baby.

    I am imaginging that I would like to go up to 50 chapters, but only have ideas enough for one more 10 chapter block.

    Feed back would be cool, but then I really dont self promote so, meh.

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